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Hello & Goodbye 2013

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Happy New Year from Thailand Love*,

Happy New Year 2014

*If you wonder are we close enough for me to call you love, the answer is yes, yes we are. In my head we are.

One last cliché on 2013, I can’t believe it’s the last day of the year! It has been a base year for me. I put the foundation needed for the big changes in the future, or in other words, I didn’t do much this year. Wait, It’s not like I have been lazing around doing nothing every day (even though that’s my main goal in life), I did travel to Australia, read 26 books, spent more time with my parents and save a little part of my salary among other things. I am a happier with myself and that’s a major accomplishment in my book. Okay, enough with self-help talk. Let me share the post I love, made me smile, made me think and made me go awww..

I called my dad after reading Bonnie’s a home is just a home. A sweet reminder to appreciate our loved ones and share the best memories with them.

Best Travel Instagrammers to follow in 2014 . I, not so secretly, hope someday I make the list (note to self: post more scenery and less pedicure pictures).

We can learn a tip or two from Jamie’s Travel Essential packing list. My favorites? #8 and #12.

Unbravegirl is my all time most favorite blog. She always manages to make me do the real LOL.

I plan to clone Vaida’s kitten.

Love to pick Erika’s brain over a dinner! Check her fabulous how-tos on not quitting our day job, but I don’t cook, I am still learning, so how about coffee instead?

Speaking of coffee, check out these unique coffee experiences from around the world. I am grateful for having tried a few of them myself including the one in Tokyo. Ummm coffee..

Special thanks to Nomlizabeth for sponsoring me for a month for FREE.

Thank you for reading love.

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  • Awww you’re too sweet! Have a great year!

    • Foreign Geek

      Same to you Liz

  • Sally Thelen

    Thank you so much for including me! Hope you’re having a fab 2014!

    • Foreign Geek

      The pleasure is mine Sally. I love reading your blog <3

  • Was just reading this for fun and was delighted to see my post mentioned, as well as the coffee/dinner invitation. I am so down!

    I’m so glad that 2013 built such a strong and wonderful foundation for you and I hope 2014 is even better! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

    • Foreign Geek

      It’s a date then! Whenever I come to your part of the world or vice versa. Wish you a successful year Erika.

  • thanks for sharing my packing list post! hope you are enjoying your vacation and have a very happy new year!

    • Foreign Geek

      You are most welcome Jamie. Wish you a fantastic 2014

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