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Weekly Wishes #28: Four Goals in Four Weeks

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Hi Ho Weekly Wishers,

I   Heart Clipart  December.

The month is filled with fabulous things in life like long vacationing, gift giving, clothes layering, food eating and glitter wearing. So this month, instead of moaning about how is it December already, I wish to make the most of these last 30 days of the year. To leave it with a good note and set a happy tone for the next year. I spent a good hour at work today, pretending to calculate the imposed tax, and come up with things I want to accomplish by the end of the year:

Develop A Habit

I enjoy writing, it was one of the reasons I blog but I don’t write every day even though I want to. I usually skip it over the weekend because I don’t have a laptop with me during those days. I begin to notice that weekends feel somewhat incomplete if I don’t write at all. I become a little restless, especially on Sundays. Well.. I think most of us feel unsettled on Sunday evening because we have to go to work on the next day, but I hope by writing over the weekend, even if it’s just in my diary, will keep the Monday blues from lurking over my precious Sundays.

Learn Something New

I wish to learn something interesting and useful over these thirty days. After mentally browsing things that interest me like hacking, origami and shop-walking, I decided to teach myself (ha..ha..) technical part of blogging world like Google Analytics and SEO which I have minus knowledge about. I am clueless on where to start. I plan to head down to the National Library one of these days and get my geek on. Meanwhile, I would love to hear your suggestion, maybe an article or an informative blog I should start with?

Practice Kindness

I wish to contribute to December’s jolliness, in my own way, even if it’s only a little kinder to myself and to others. Not sure yet how I am going to implement this goal, but I believe it is the most important one among four, after all December is the season of joy.

Complete 30 before 30 List

I have been postponing on the list. I though it would be easy-peasy to create thirty things to experience, but my mind refuses to do many things which, usually, make the cut in others’; like settling down, swim with sharks, write a novel, or have a tattoo. No point of putting those types and not crossing it off before I turn 30. I have to come up with awesome things that are worth doing by my standard. I need my BFF to vet it though, else I would put things like to eat cupcakes every single day for a year.

My initial plan was to break these goals, one for each week, but I decided to do all in one go from the beginning of the month (not an original idea of mine), make it as monthly goals and report the progress weekly so I can link up with Melyssa every Monday because I’m a self proclaimed Weekly Wishes addict. I hope by each week I improve a bit, and it becomes somewhat significant by the end of the month/year so I can be a little proud and a lotta happy with myself. I definitely could use a happier me waving 2014 Hello.

Well that was a long post..

Btw don’t think I forgot about last week’s giveaway goal. I didn’t, because how could I? You guys totally fulfilled my wish! I’m chuffed by all the comments. Thank you.

Some time after I posted my last week wish, Hulk told me he would write a comment if nobody did. He is sweet, but I don’t think he would like to get a pink pouch after the amount of pinkness I have brought to his life. I got him involved by choosing a number from a set on which I wrote each name of lovely people who commented. Our *totally random* choice is Robyn Black. Congratulation Robyn! A made in Bali bag (and hopefully Bali journey) coming your way. For all other awesome people who have commented, thank you.. thank you.. thank you.. for participating. Psst.. there will be another giveaway from the next trip.

All the best Weekly Wishers. Let’s make the best of the last month of 2013, speaking of which how is it December already?!!  C ya next week :*

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  • Lisa K

    Eating cupcakes every day of the year sounds like a good goal to me! 😉 Good luck setting up Google Analytics for your blog. I tried to do it once and thought I had it up and running, but it kept saying I had no views…which I believed for a few hours until I finally realized I did something wrong. I hope your experience is more successful one than mine was!


    • Foreign Geek

      Thank you Lisa. I have set it up. Now I need to sit and see 🙂 Hopefully it works without hiccups.

  • hahaha! i would totally eat cupcakes every day for a year! good luck on completing all of your goals! they are great ones & i hope to bring a little more joy to others this month too! something so easy & practical that we can do!

    i am so so excited about my made in Bali bag!!! & hope to take it on my journey to Bali one day soon!! 🙂

    • Foreign Geek

      Apparently most of us are agreeing with the cupcakes idea. Maybe i should really put it in my list. Your bag is on the way Robyn 🙂 It was my pleasure. Thank you very much for participating. You must visit Bali one day, it’s a gorgeous island.

  • I think I may go into monthly goals territory with Weekly Wishes myself! Anyway, I am really liking these goals and I’m interested to see how they progress!!! All of them — the writing, the learning about blogging stuff, and the 30×30 list! Keep us posted! 🙂

    • Foreign Geek

      Erika !! You are like one of my blogger gurus. I am beyond thrilled that you took time to read my post AND commented on it. I am going to write this event in my diary !! and yes, will keep you posted 😉

  • I would totally list eating cupcakes as one (or a couple more) of my goals!

    • Foreign Geek

      Ah soul-food-mate !! Liz need your recommendation good cupcake shop here (other than Twelve Cupcakes)

  • La Maman Heureuse

    I totally agree with your idea to enjoy this month, it’s one of the greatest times of year and we always worry about so many other things that we forget the essence of this wonderful month: celebration and joy with your loved ones!

    Love your concept of setting up monthly goals, maybe I should try that too. Most of the time I repeat my weekly wishes for a few weeks on a row, cause I can’t focus on all of them for an entire week. Really like your goals, especially the practice kindness and writing part. Already doing my part on the kindness front, I’m sending several of my blog friends tiny christmas packages! Good ideas to keep in mind 🙂

  • These are great goals! Good luck on your Weekly/Monthly Wishes! 🙂

    • Foreign Geek

      Thank you Crystal. All the best with yours as well.

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