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Geeky Goals in Melbourne

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First post from Melbourne! Well, not first FIRST, I have visited Melbourne twice before, I meant this is the first one after I officially moved here this morning. Yep, I reached Melbourne a few hours ago. Speaking of which, I still can’t believe I am here! I have wanted to be live here ever since forever and I feel so damn happy to finally be here. That said, I know moving as an adult wouldn’t be the same as moving somewhere to study, which I did many years ago, to Singapore. Both sides have their pros and cons, but I recon as an adult, I will have put extra effort to enjoy my new home. I started listing down little reminders about living in Melbourne on the plane yesterday and I finished it up this morning. I called it my geeky goals in Melbourne.

  • Identify my coffee

I drink lattes. My favorites are Blossoming Peach Tea Latte, Toffenut latte, hot and cold latte. All drinks are made by Starbucks. I am also aware that loving Starbucks is like breaking the cardinal rule of the coffee culture which I am desperately one to be a part of. So in the first few months, I plan to test all kinds of coffee Melbourne has to offer and decide which one I like the most. That way, if my heart still chooses the Starbucks latte (I do have 5 loyalty cards and 3 tumblers from Starbucks), I know it’s not due to lack of choices.

You know, I feel a little unease about this experiment. On one side, I wish I could stay loyal to my beloved Starbucks (gosh, ain’t I basic??) but on the other side, I know how hard it’s to find a Starbucks here.

  • Find my coffee shop/bubble tea stall/bookstore/delivery service/sushi joint

It was Bugis Starbucks, Koi Cafe, Borders, Food Panda and Sakae Sushi in Singapore; Excelso, Coco, Amazon, Go-Jek and Sushi Tei in Jakarta. These are my “security blanket” places, the ones I can count on and wander into when I needed extra niceness for the day. I ought to find the Melbourne version ASAP and operate around them.

  • Make new friends and invite them over, join a meet up and be a part of a group

You know what I found as the best thing about moving to Singapore many years ago? Meeting my besties, Fia, Yin and VI, who have made life ten fold more fun by sharing it with them. I know now it wouldn’t be as easy as since I am no longer a bleary eyed student with nothing but time and countless bad decisions in my head, but I am willing to make the effort. I need girlfriends. I long for girls day/night out, sleepover parties and travels.

  • Befriend the neighbor and neighborhood’s florist and the manicurist

legally blonde manicurist

This is something I regularly watched on American TV drama, but had never gotten around to practice it in real life. I had my reasons, the cities I lived in had their reasons, but enough with the reasons. I want to share cookies with my neighbor, wish the florist a good morning and dish out life stories to the manucirst, ala Elle Woods. I am not completely convinced it’s doable here in Australia, but people kept calling me darling when I visited here last time. That’s a promising sign don’t you think?

  • Sign up for magazines, newsletter, loyalty card and box subscriptions

It might feel a little too 90s, profligate if I may, to sign up for these subscriptions, but I have a feeling that it will expedite the process of localizing one self. At least symbolically. Once I am settled down, I am going to unsubscribe to many and just keep the ones I truly love. Let me know if you disagree, or, if you agree, the magazine and monthly box subscription I should sign up to.

  • Explore the suburbs, take different routes and lots of road trips

I have no plan to live in 10 different suburbs in Melbourne as I did in Singapore but I still want to explore every different part of the city and find out the local’s favorite. Taking different routes will ensure I get to see many sides of the city I had been dreaming to live in. And the flat surface of a giant land called Australia equals to a giant call of road trips people! Wangaratta (ticked), rest of Oz (in my list)

  • Find a cat cafe

I just thought about it like a minute ago. Does Melbourne have a cat cafe? I truly hope so. I need one, preferably in my neighborhood.

That’s all for now. I consider these as the additional geeky goals to my 16 goals in 2016. I am excited, and not at all scared, which I guess is a good sign. Wish me another round of luck you guys. Thanks for reading!

Ps. Please let me know if there is any more fun the new city goal you think I should add to it.

Pps. If you are in Melbourne — care to make #3 goal comes true?

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