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Global Bloggers Meetup in Melbourne

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Happy Global Bloggers Day people! Click here to join Global Bloggers Meetup.

Today is officially the second year since I self-declared International/Global Bloggers Day. I haven’t heard back from the International Day Committee in regards of making the day official, but it can also mean that they are not denying the existence of Global Bloggers Day. So YAY! for that.

In this past one year, since I declared Global Bloggers Day, I have met more bloggers, both on the internet and in the real life. I even met a blogger last weekend randomly at the Melbourne Tea Festival. Tina is a coffee grinds reader who blogs at A Writer’s Journey.

I must admit, I got to know a lot more bloggers once I revealed to people that I was a blogger. A fact that I felt inclined to share with people in my real life, especially during the first encounter, which was pointed by Fafa recently. I wasn’t sure why? Maybe it had something to do with my introvert personality or it’s just me subconsciously trying to minimize people’s judgement, at least in the beginning. Whatever it was, I stopped doing it and have been actively “seeking” other bloggers to connect.

As a new expat in Melbourne, with no friends outside of the office, I kinda wish to belong to a tribe. But first I need to find my tribe, which made me join the Melbourne Bloggers Meetup group. It’s the one and only bloggers exclusive meet-up group in Melbourne. Unfortunately, it has been some time since they held a real life meet up and when I contacted the founder, I got no reply. After sulking and pondering for some time, I decided that since I couldn’t find my tribe, I shall build one instead.

I named it Global Bloggers MeetUp as my vision is to make it a vessel for bloggers from every corner of the world to be able to meet and have meaningful connections. Yeah, I know, I do dream big.

When I told Fafa about my dilemma and solution, he said that he expected nothing less from me. His words made me smile. At the same time, I am also very aware that creating a safe haven and connecting like minded bloggers is a huge responsibility and I will need all your help and support on it. The Global Bloggers Meetup group is never going to be about me; it will always about us.

Regarding the Global Bloggers meet-up itself, I have yet to design a banner, print the notice and set up a meet-up date, including figuring out whether to do it after office hours or over the weekend. I already have a venue in my mind, though, it’s my most favorite cafe in Melbourne, the Journal Cafe in City Library, Flinders Street.
My target is to hold the first real life Global Bloggers meet up to introduce the members and their blogs, to start building a sense of community or at the very least gather like minded people over coffee/wine.
With that, I end this blog post by admitting that I desperately need some ideas from you. But first, would you please, pretty please, join the Global Bloggers Meetup. Even if you are not in Melbourne, do join the anyways as I plan to write fun yet useful and shareable notes on the Global Bloggers Meetup forum.

Once again, happy Global Bloggers Day, you guys! We do rule the globe.

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  • When I move back to Melbourne sometime next year I would love to join the group!!

    • Foreign Geek

      Yay! Looking forward to meet you in person Rachael 🙂

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