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Happy Global Bloggers Day

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The other day, after munching an excessive amount of of cupcakes without feeling a single ounce of guilt (it’s International Cupcake Day) I wondered when’s International Bloggers Day?

A quick google revealed that there was no such thing as Global Bloggers Day!! What?! How could you Google?!! After all the time we spent together, us typing our soul out, while you stood there, mostly just staring back at us. Also, how could you Official International Day Committe??! We spent hours posing weird in angles, burning many foods just to redo it again so we can share the perfect+easy+healthy+yummy+quick recipes and sitting through tiny teeny plane rides that took us to new places so that we could come back and share it with the world. How could you?!

Do you know that there is an International Popcorn Day? And what does popcorn do? Nothing, nothing good*, at least. Its job is to pop and later, to make you feel bloated and ultimately regret for running your appetite. It has a very short life span (couldn’t even survive for a day outside). And it gets a day while we don’t?! Ugh!

So I am taking the matter in my own hands by inviting bloggers from all over the world, the extended family of well-known bloggers, their dogs, cats and goldfish (bird is not a pet unless it comes back when you let it go meanwhile goldfish can be a pet because it’s not all that smart) to celebrate our day, bloggers’ day, anywhere you are.

Happy Global Bloggers Day

Or HGBD or H16D since its celebrated every June 1

Let’s celebrate in any ways we want to. By self publishing our favorite posts, letting another blogger know that we appreciate their work, writing something random yet close to our heart, posting 38 pictures of our pets, munching on more cupcakes (me) or even taking a break from blogging.

I wish this Global Bloggers Day accomplish two things: to celebrate bloggers all over the world, for their efforts, work and positive contributions to the world. And to inspire everyone who wants to join the clique, who wants to write about stuff they are passionate about and become a blogger themselves. Go ahead, write under your name or write using a pseudonym; post your OOTD twice a day or write only once a month. Write about your cute babies or your bitchy boss’s stupidity. Whatever, it’s let today be the start of your journey as a blogger.

So let’s celebrate our Global Bloggers Day. We deserve it! #HGBD #GlobalBloggersDay.

*My apology if you are a popcorn lover, it’s celebrated on Jan 19. Go crazy!

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  • No just missed it. Happy belated International Bloggers day! Didn’t know that existed. Oh well, you never stop learning 🙂

    • Foreign Geek

      Hi Laura, u are new! Thanks for stopping by. That’s okay, as long as you celebrate it in your own happy way 🙂

  • This is the stuff. You keep throwing me off my game, you inspirational woman YOU! But I’ll join you on the ride. WOOHOO BLOGGERS YAY! – Aish xx

    • Foreign Geek

      Aish that’s way too much compliments for my heart to take but thank you. It’s more of making the blogosphere a fun, SAFE and happier place for everyone

      • you make the blogosphere that place *cough* you invented international bloggers day dude

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