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Indian Girls Night Out In Little India

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My highly rested Inspired brain was fighting the routine this morning. I couldn’t bring myself to wake up on time nor on snooze time, I was about to be late for work so naturally I decided to let it be and went to BK to have King’s breakfast and sat there until 10am before I went to work. Then I took two hour lunch break and came back by 2pm. By 4pm I was done for the day and stopped working, restlessly making toilet trips while arguing with my colleague whether the name Koch is pronounced as cock (her way) or Koc (mine and other colleagues’) for hours.

I met my besties for dinner (minus Fia and Mr Tsao) we are having girls night out at Little India. We went to the Masala Hut, my favorite restaurant in the neighborhood. I made them tried to the gulab jamun, they didn’t like it. I explained to them about Indian culture as correctly as I could before drinking ourselves silly at Prince Of Wales, This bar has become my regular!

It is a colonial house type turned into pub cum backpacker hostel*. It has a very laid back atmosphere (indoor and outdoor), live music with open mike concept and cheap drinks. What else does one need from a place to chill?

While drinking baron beer (another story to tell) my brain kept reminding me this is one of the reasons I stay in Singapore. Sipping beer on a workday, close friends, surrounded by cool people while listening to live music and planning trips around the world.

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