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Pretty Flowers in the Garden By The Bay

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We went to Singapore Gardens By the Bay a couple months ago and took tons of flower pictures. I have been thinking for a fitting story to post the pictures from that day, something to do with marriage, gardening, or seed business, but I’m not interested in the first two and I have no idea how to start a seed business. These pictures have been sitting in my iPhoto not serving their higher purpose. Today, I decided to take them out and put it here for no reason other than I can’t find a reason to write about it in the first place. Enjoy!

Pink Rose Flower

^^ Fat and pink = my favorite one in the garden.

Cactus Flower

^^ This is what determination looks like.

Happy Flowers

^^ A bunch of happy flowers.

Single Flower

^^ While this little one standing all alone, but don’t be sad for her because one day she will blossom into..

Pink Rose

^^ A gorgeous hearty pink flower though definitely not a rose.

Gardens and parks are rare in my neighborhood. Maybe that’s why I appreciate it more, but I pinky promise to utilize these homemade nature with picnics, running in a cape and books reading if I stay nearby it one day. How about you, do you live nearby a garden or park? Do you visit it often?

As you know, I am participating in #BlogEverydayinSept. Connect with me? I am buzzing on TwitterInstagramBlogLovin’ and occasionally on Google+. And for Hulk, who has been complaining about my girly posts, oops! I have something blue this weekend. Stay put okay? And thank you for being my biggest supporter.

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