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The Colorful Gamcheon Culture Village

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What’s your favorite color?” I asked my colleague. She took a few second before answering, she liked all colors. Her answer made me smile, my BFF used to answer the same, though she prefers green now. I have my favorite color which I don’t need to say it since it’s quite obvious, but I love all colors together, too. That’s why visiting the Gamcheon Culture Village in Busan was a feast to my eyes. Let me take you through it with this photo journal.

gamcheon culture village statue

^^ The most iconic statue in the village, the little prince. I was never a fan of the book. It was confusing when I read it when I was young, and still was confusing when I read it as an adult. Also, he is a boy. I liked my royal as a girl, like Princes Mia Thermapolis.

gamcheon culture village coffeeshop

^^ You can find a coffee shop on every corner in South Korea. I am not exaggerating. And some of them served the best I have ever tasted. Still not exaggerating.

gamcheon culture village sea mural

^^ Gorgeous sea mural covered building. As much as I love seeing this mural in the day light. I wouldn’t want to have it in my bedroom. I could see myself having a series of bad dreams involving sharks, drowning and living ala Life of Pi.

gamcheon culture village restaurant

^^ The sea mural building turned out to be.. I am guessing, a seafood restaurant?

gamcheon culture village words

^^ Fallen words, one more art installation found here. It’s no wonder Gamcheon Culture Village is called the artiest town in Asia.

gamcheon culture village Cinderella

^^ You guys, Korean Cinderella wears school uniform.

gamcheon culture village parrots

^^ Chilling (and a little creepy looking) colorful parrots. Seriously, what are they looking at?

gamcheon culture village clock mural

^^ What do you mean by time is slipping away? Oh, don’t worry, we have all the time in the world!

gamcheon culture village mural

^^ Is this a perfect spot for a picnic or what? You know this little corner is surrounded by houses, but it looks so scenic and peaceful. Bravo the one who designed it.

gamcheon culture village hair salon

^^ You guys, did you get the notice? Mimi Saloon also sells squid snacks now.

gamcheon culture village Busan

^^ The Gamcheon Culture Village is called the Santorini of Asia for a reason. Imagine living in the village or city this colorful. Our mood will be constantly uplifted. Now, what’s your favorite color?

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