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Weekly Wishes: Be a French Geek Part 1

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You guys, I have been absent from Weekly Wishes link up for a couple of weeks now as I was trying to get back to routine post holiday, including not clocking 10 hours at work everyday. Also, there wasn’t any new goal to share. These past weeks had been filled with going to work, eating dinner, planning to write a blog post but watching The Following season 2 instead. On the weekends, I went candle shopping and flew home.

Now I’m back! With a themed monthly goal: French. Wait, What? Why? Well, it all started with..

I read The Gospel According to Coco Chanel and became a little obsessed with style icon, and French lifestyle in general, ever since. So I decided to adapt a little French into my life this month. I know.. I know it’s an unusual goal. I wasn’t sure I want to share this goal with everyone because, well.. It sounds a little pretentious! Also, is it even a goal to begin with?? But I kept thinking about it over the weekend and decided to do it because I want to. Pretentious or not, it will make me happy.

The thing is both my brain and I haven’t really figure out what exactly the French lifestyle entitles of (more research on that later since I have a whole month and I would love to hear your ideas about it). For this week’s wish (Part 1), I will focus on what I read, being fashionable, ala Madame Coco, the totem of style. There are lots of ideas I could adapt from the book, but for someone who almost need a fashion rescue (I wore red pants and pink winter coat on more than half of my recent trip) I shall start a little, like putting lipstick every day, whilst I usually come bare faced to work (announcing to my cubicle neighbors that the numbers don’t judge based on face); wear something else other than jeans on the weekend and maybe tie a scarf on my neck while outing with my peers on Saturday night.

I love Coco but I don’t want to adapt her style completely. My lipstick will be brown and my accessories will have a bohemian touch. What I want is to learn some from Coco while keeping my quirkiness and own it as my style.

Well, isn’t this post girly — You guys, now is your turn, tell me, what is your style? Do you have a dead fashion icon whose style you follow? How about the current celebs? Please don’t tell me it’s Kim K!

I am linking up with the fab Mel from The Nectar Collective. On another note, you still have a chance to get the Beijing giveaway, simply drop a comment or tweet about the post before the Travel Tuesday post tomorrow. And lastly, I am also participating in Mug O’ Comfort Swap. Calling all the tea lovers, milk drinkers, and coffee addicts to join the fun.

— Au revoir.

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  • Amanda @ Small Town Mama

    Sounds like an interesting book. I might have to check it out as I am in need of something to read 🙂

  • Beth

    I’m curious about what a French lifestyle entails! I know French cooking more than I know French fashion, but the attitude toward that seems to be moderation but indulgence (and exploring ALL the flavors, including bitter, sour, etc).
    Thanks for joining us for the swap, and I look forward to seeing more about your Francophile adventures!

  • Rima Sagala

    i’ve been trying to use more Red Lipstick/gloss when i’m out and about. Also, I’m a huge fan of that french stripy, skinny pants, trench coat style.

  • I love the idea of taking some inspiration from Coco! especially the lipstick, I own several but rarely wear them. good luck and share photos 🙂

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