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Five Weeks of French Class

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Have you ever suggested to your single friends to join class to meet people? I have. Countless time. Actually, that’s will be my go to advise. And I thought I will try it for myself (to make new friends). I joined the French class. To be honest, I was never intrigued to learn french language. I have been fascinated by its culture and the way of living even by the quirkiness of its’ movies, but never by their language, which is acclaimed as the most romantic language in the world. It is safe to say, I didn’t join it to learn French and definitely not to throw pardon in my conversations, here and there; I am still polishing my English, thank you.

I attend the class for fun, to have designated time to hang out with two of my work friends and to get out of my comfort zone (practicing my French with a school kid, who could pronounce it better than me).

Week 1

It was a big class with a young teacher who wore a vest. My guess was that he wanted to fit into the stereotype of teaching and he got this idea from watching too much of Glee. He wore the exact same clothing as the music teacher, Will Schuester. Other than that, our first  day of class was fantastic. I learned a few words which stuck in my head. For someone who’s language challenged like moi? Impressive work Mr.Damien. My work friends enjoyed it too. We enthusiastically repeated the words written on the board with our own accent and have been greeting each other with the few sentences we learnt ever since.

Week 2

We came early to review last week’s words which were our homework. Mine was the only one who did it and I was impressed! She remembered and pronounced those words decently. Mr.Damien taught us how to have a basic conversation with strangers we meet in the library, cafe or gym. I wanted to tell him that no, we don’t meet that many strangers in our life, but I couldn’t explain it to him in Drench as mine was still as basic as non/ouiI have a favorite French saying now, Simple Comme Bonjour (pronounced as some come bonjo). It literally translated in English as easy as a hello. I love it. you guys. You know what? I am starting to understand the fascination people have on French language, it’s kinda enchanting.

Week 3

Today we learned about numbers. As usual Nini was super excited, where did this girl got her energy from at night I have no idea. Anyways, since it was about numbers, the inventibale age old question came up “quelage?” “How old are you?”. You were supposed to go around the class and ask the question to each other. I answered mine as seventeen and got disgusted looks by my classmates.

Fun fact: The French spell their phone numbers in double digits. Instead of five, seven, eight eight bla bla; They will say fifty seven, eighty eight and etc.

Week 4

This week both of my colleagues bailed on me and I had to go alone. I didn’t mind going alone, I am used to it. There I was, sitting alone trying to grasp as much French as possible on a drizzling night when this teenager who I got introduced in the first week come and sat with me and start talking about non French stuff. We became instant friends. He then introduced me to others in his gang. Short introduction but they have asked all the necessary, where I came from, who were the girls I came with last time, what ethnicity I was, whether I was married, my boyfriend and my travel plan. All in few min span you guys! Teenager (- -!). I answered all the questions and kept maintaining my adulthood by not asking them questions about their personal relationship.

A nice word from today’s teaching is ma mochi which means my darling.

Week 5

We didn’t go to class today, Mr Damien wasn’t well (hey, me too, high-five Mr Damien) and I am just glad because between my cold, hectic time at work and buying Christmas gifts, I wasn’t up to writing a paragraph about ma papa. So when I got the message from the admin girl, I changed my plan to last minute Chirstmas shopping and to go home early instead. The only thing that was not good about no class today is it will be a longer break than planned. We have 20 days before we meet and try to repeat French again, which means whatever tiny relationship cord I have been building with the four new people I met there will be invisible the next time we meet.

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