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Foreign Geek 3rd Blogiversary

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Foreign Geek 100th

People, today’s Foreign Geek 3rd Blogiversary. I read it somewhere more than 90% of the blogs out there never pass their second year and that the only way for a blog to survive is that the person behind it must really love it. I guess this third year anniversary proves it, even more to myself.

I celebrated it with a cake, making it a tradition. Unfortunately, this year I didn’t have my trusty and free of charge photographer to take my pic with it (first picture was to celebrate the 100th post and had been used for the 2nd year Blogiversary), so instead here is a picture of the cake. And tea. Because I am the Queen of England. Well, not really, but I did invent Bloggers International Day on 1st June, so yeah.

celebratory cake

Past Flashback

Let me tell you how it started. Btw, if you are my long time reader and have read about it before, go ahead and skip this part. Also, God bless your soul. Back to the beginning of Foreign Geek; I took a day off from work because I have had enough of crunching numbers, it was just after the budget and audit period. I spent the morning to browsing random stuff online. I don’t really remember what happened in between but by the evening, I called Hulk and told him that I have a blog.

I named it Tr4vel Geek because Travel Geek was taken. Slapped a polka dot theme on it. And that was it. All I wanted to do was to display all the cool vending machines I have taken over the years (which, unfortunately, haven’t been published until now). Over the months, I started to write more and loved it. Every time I hit the publish button, I got this sense of accomplishment and it’s fun!

Last Year

At the age of 2, I got my first paid gig and then some, I was published in Elite Daily but it’s also the first time the thought of abandoning the blog came into my mind. I also met a few of the fellow bloggers IRL and it was great! *Shout out to Liz and Rima*.

What’s Next?

There has been a nudge in my mind lately. That, I don’t want to be another travel blogger who only posts things like 10 things to do in this city or a review of a place/restaurant/hotel. Well, I do want to write about all those stuff too, but I want to write more about the things which matter to me and about my life, thoughts and perception of the world. I want this blog to be known as a personal memoir of a travel loving girl not a travel blog.

ForeignGeek Logo

“If it’s not informative, at least it’s entertaining” will be the Foreign Geek slogan this year.

Foreign Geek is also getting a face lift after my many unsatisfying attempts to design by myself. It was supposed to be done by the time we celebrated the 3 years Blogiversary but that didn’t happen. Please check back next month. I promise you it will be good, definitely better than the current one done by yours truly.

Lastly, I want to write more about cultural piece. I have always been fascinated by the world’s culture, I think this a great medium to learn and share. I am still unsure how and what to write yet. Maybe you can give me some ideas?


Foreign Geek Desk

To be honest, keeping up with this blog had never been easy. I have sacrificed many hours of resting in exchange of a single post. I used to take 6 hours to write one decent post. I have written post at 2 AM and I have had blogging stress. So yeah, I was thinking to let it go, thank God, I didn’t because I would have regretted it by now. And for that reason, this year I want to have more fun writing instead of writing for the sake of keeping a blog.

I also wish to inspire people, at least one person, to explore and follow their own bliss even if it’s not travel.

Thank You

Miaw, who plans to write more this time, and I want to thank you; my serious readers, new readers, people who share my content with others and people who left comments on my blog and the one who didn’t as long as you, in whichever part of the world you are, reading it. I truly appreciate each one of you and your internet connection.

Miaw Foreign Geek

I also want to thank Hulk and my friends, a handful of people in my real life who know about Foreign Geek. Thank you for your support, help and kind words. You all are amaze-balls. Mwah!

Hear hear for another year! (Insert wine glass clinking sound). Thank you for making this demanding hobby worthwhile.

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  • Amazing! Happy Blogiversary!! I’ve loved reading this past year and look forward to more years of beautiful photos and stories to come!

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