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How To Fix Broken Heart

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I prepared a healing from a breakup kit for a friend. A fix broken heart goodie bag if I may. It was kinda unintentional, I was just collecting the things that I thought might be helpful. I put it all in the bag and gave it to her sometime ago. She appreciated it, but more than that I really hope it could help to lessen her heartache.
These are the things I put inside the bag:
  • A long, happy inducing letter to remind her that she is an awesome human being
  • Dark chocolate.
  •  Pajama set because you know comfortable PJs makes everything better.
  • Gorgeous notebook. I told her in the letter that she could use it as a diary or gratitude journal
  • Paper printed pictures of her dream life.
  • Picture of pretty her stolen from FB and another one of silly us from my personal collection.
  • Art & Crafts magazine to encourage her to spend her now-free time on her hobby.
  • $10 make up the gift card.
  • Short video of me telling her that I love her.
  • Positive and funny quotes written on small cards.
  • Rose quartz crystal to remind her to love herself first.

The package also kinda helped me. To allow me to give something other than my time. To put a little more effort to let her know I care about her even when I am not constantly there to remind her.

Have you ever prepared a break up kit for your friend? Or maybe yourself?  

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