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First Day At Work

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Yesterday was my first day at the work. At my new job to be exact. Here is the hour by hour play about it:
2.17 AM – Anxiously checked alarm whether I have turned it on or not.
2.19 AM – Read “Nice Girls Don’t Get The Corner Office”.
2.46 AM – Woken up by the bastard cockroach.
3.15 AM – Slept.
5 48 AM – Shit! Why??
6.00 AM – Snooze.
6.12 AM – How the hell it is already bright out there?
6.15 AM – Snooze.
6.30 AM – Alright, alright. Damn!
6.35 AM – Read some blog posts on the phone, because nothing could wake me up other than reading.
6.40 AM – Played Farm Ville.
6.45 AM – Showered.
7.05 AM – Ironed work clothes.
7.15 AM – Ironed hair.
7.30 AM – Ate breakfast.
7.45 AM – Went out.
8.15 AM – Reached. No-one is here except the security guys. Whee, I might be able to wake up by 7.30 AM from tomorrow.
8.30 AM – Waited and waited.
9.00 AM – HR lady just came. Told me to wait as they were preparing my desk.
9.05 AM – Just realized I didn’t bring any pen.
9.06 AM – Yawned. How am I going to survive today?
9.10 AM – Ironed hair turned curly.
9.11 AM – I should have polished my shoe.
9.15 AM – Took fingerprint. I instantly disliked that lady who took my finger print without introducing herself and completely ignoring me while typing her way inside the computer.
9. 30 AM – Would it be terribly wrong to play Farm Ville?
10.00 AM – Finally meet my boss (he didn’t attend the interview). He was nice. I think. Definitely smart. He told me he doesn’t like to pressure on people at all. Eh? I didn’t expect that. He then told me that this team is like a family, despite being only a few numbers older than me I could see him as a fatherly figure.
He told me to ignore the haters. Seriously, you guys he said: ignore. The. Haters. And I for the stupidest reason told him ‘yes sir, haters gonna hate’.
He told me to call him by his name. The problem is I couldn’t really remember his name, only that it’s an usual name.
11.00 AM – Omg, why oh why can’t I behave like a boring accountant.
12.00 PM – Went for lunch, bakso, Indonesian meatballs. I could sense some office politics around. I am so not going to include myself on this. Just happy that I am not eating rice today. Maybe I could go on dietsif I cut down on eating rice.
3.30 PM – Meeting.
4.00 PM – My boss yawned.
4.01 PM – I yawned.
4.50 PM – Boss told me he wanted to exchange my laptop with desktop. One of the downsides of working in Accounts is that you can’t bring your laptop home because you might misuse the financial data of the company. I am okay with it as long as they don’t give me any wimpy desktop.
4.55 PM – Went to the restroom. Its actually cleaner than any other office toilets I have been. Impressive.
5.02 PM – Checked myself out in the mirror. I look good in pink. Definitely better than the pale brown I wore 5 years ago when I started working at my last job. The top is new. Maybe I am able to wear pink everyday. Let’s see.
5.11 PM – Damn, this office is really nice. The entertainment business must be doing well.
5.27 PM – HR lady called for more paper works.
5.43 PM – Damn, im so thirsty. I have to bring water bottle tomorrow. Wait, what am I going to wear tomorrow?
5.58 PM – Turned off the laptop. I am getting the hella out of here.
6.30 PM – Slept on the commute.
7.10 PM – Woke up with a headache and hunger.
7.30 PM – Reached home
7.31 PM – Welcomed home with nasi campur, there goes my so called diet. I ate three servings of rice.
8.00 PM – Showered.
9. 00 PM – Slept off with laptop on me.
6.15 AM – Woke up due to heavy rain sound.
6.16 AM – Good, I love rain. Let’s get started!! I mean later, in one hour time.
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