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Feng Shui Valentine

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Happy Galentines & Valentines Loves!  Celebrate the day. Hate the day. Whatever you do, do it for yourself. Me? I love Valentine! *sending all of you virtual hugs and platonic kisses from my cubicle*

Welcoming the horse year I want to do a major spring-cleaning and re-decor my nest.  I have been flicking through pinterest and getting a case of droollousy, but in the past week my ‘research’ has been diverted to Feng Shui. It was very interesting and I want to apply some ideas into my life, since Valentine was just around the corner (and is here now!) let’s focus on the love part for now.

The more I read, the more I cringed thinking how much I have done incorrectly.  You guys, I have an imbalance love corner (felt like I just announced a health issue) and I am trying to fix it, little by little.

Love Shui said to..

Fengshui Love

1. Decorate the Southwest part of your place with love symbol.

kinda already did this without even realizing it. On the southwest corner (I wasted ten mins figuring out where was SW) of my place I have a hanging rack on which I put original paintings, some books, a sleeping balm and a wish jar. SW is the love corner. I am supposed to put couple stuff and fire/earth elements in this area so I moved the paintings, sleeping balm (I don’t want a sleep inducing relationship, thank you very much) and the books. Instead, I put a cute drawing of a couple and a pair of pink candles.

It is up to you to go all Eastern and add a pair of ducks, rose quartz or the famous double happiness symbol on the SW part of your place. Either way, the important thing is every time we look at it, we get reminded of happy love. It feeds our minds, subconsciously.

2. Leave some empty space.

Empty space invites new things in the future. An empty space in a wardrobe or a drawer invites new lover. I remember reading this from The Secret, not sure whether it’s also a Feng Shui thing, but if it’s, well I have breached the rule big time. Not that I want a new lover, but I am worried the current one will run away if he opens my closet. I haven’t folded my clothes since December last year (I have been busy and pretending to be busy). It’s all cramped inside. I also have a 15-year-old TV and a carry on luggage inside my closet. I need to get on it. Asap! Meanwhile, I am dreaming of color-coded half empty wardrobe filled with the essential and the quirky.

3. Wear Fuschia lipstick or something else from the make up box.

My Mamma taught me this one. She never fails to put a little makeup or accessorize whenever she goes out. It could be stud earrings or anything simple really but she always makes sure she looks presentable. I wish I could be more like her, but most of the times I prefer to hit the snooze button, rather than waking up early and dab a little gloss on the face, For the rest of the month, I will put extra effort to do it. Maybe a little eyeliner everyday?

4. Be happy with ourselves.

Again, I didn’t get this tip from a Feng Shui source, If you start to wonder whether this post is really related to Feng Shui, well.. too late! I am almost done and thanks for reading this far :*. This is the last idea for the day and I learned it from my one sided BFF, Oprah. I believe in being happy. When we are happy in life and generally happy about ourselves, it shows and that is a magnet for love. Happy people attract good things in life. Well, that’s a team I want to be a member of.

I know people who are waiting to live their lives only after they meet the special someone. That’s just.. wasteful. I have a friend who traveled to Europe all by herself, even though that time she had a boyfriend, but he couldn’t come. Attractive girl!

Four Things Friday

Today, I will wear my gold-pink eyeliner and have a happy night out, but not before I fold some of my clothes, you know, little by little.

Have you ever made conscious, but indirect efforts to attract love? If yes, how did it turn out? If not would do give it a try? I’m not telling you to go to IKEA and redecorate the SW area of your house with pinkish stuff right away, but maybe you will bump into special enough someone there. And c’mon, don’t you think guys who shop for their own silverware are sexy?

Btw, does IKEA have any silverware?

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