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Meet: Fashionably Minimalist

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If you know me well enough, you know that I am passionate about a few things in life, like cat memes, anything glittery and girl power. And some time ago I got to know someone who oozes girl power, Xandra of Fashionably Light.


I was researching about Project 333 when I stumbled on an article that caught my attention. It was about a girl who collaborates fashion and minimalism. Later I found out that Xandra is also an ultimate Harry Potter geek, who loves to travel and enjoys a good dessert. Hoollleer.. Soul sister found! *consider me as a minimalist wannabe*.

What started as a random click, turned into a one-sided friendship. I followed her on bloglovin, downloaded her podcast and read her e-book. All in one day. Then I decided to tell Xandra how awesome she’s in my dictionary and asked her whether she would be willing to answer some curious questions, and she said yes. (of course she did — read the sentence with the word awesome on top).

Presenting to you a little of Xandra-ism..

It took me a while to tell Hulk that I am giving away two thirds of what’s inside my closet. He seemed to be okay with it, phew! How about Mr. Monkey? What is his take about your minimalism? How does it affect your relationship?

Well, as the name implies, The Monkey is happiest climbing and spending time outdoors, so he has an appreciation for how less stuff can be liberating! He owns more clothes than I do, though, which works out because sometimes I borrow his shirts.

I love love love your FabulosiTea with Caroline. I listen to the podcast every Monday during my morning commute. Great job! Is there an upcoming future project on your blog?

Thank you! Right now I’m focusing on making my blog content superb, so you can check out my latest series, Sunday Sampling and Mini Adventures. As for the next project, you’ll find out soon!

*I enjoy reading mini adventure series, as a travel blogger, I get wanting to record the little moments in between travel stories*

You converted to Kindle recently. YAY!! Welcome to the club! The feeling of having a hundred books “cramped” into your bag is exhilarating, isn’t it?! Now how about note taking? Do you prefer to do it digitally or on paper? And why?

I’m still a paper girl at heart. I have a Moleskine planner, which I use for my calendar and to do list, and I have a field notebook for keeping notes from talks and events. I prefer writing by hand (apparently it helps with memory retention, as a bonus!) and it feels less cluttered than the digital abyss.

What was the hardest part to cross over to while applying minimalism to your life?

I think you nailed it – paper! I do prefer hardcover books, and taking notes by hand, but when traveling it is more convenient to go digital.

If, as a tweak of Project 333, you have to choose only one type of accessory to wear (like only watch or only earrings), would you participate in it? If yes, what would your accessory of choice be?

Because I am cold all the time, it would have to be a big scarf. Or even a wool blanket. Yes, I did go out wrapped in a [chic, Scottish] blanket on a particularly cold day! –> *I am a fan of scarfs too! But if I must choose, it would be necklace*

What’s your biggest, wildest, greatest goal?

While I do have a tendency to chase after goals, defining one as my biggest, wildest, and greatest might put too much pressure on it to be the right one, so I’ll refrain! Although it would be sweet to master Ms Pac Man.

You have pared down your worldly things, but what about emotional clutter? Do you put effort to de-clutter your mind too?

Physical and emotional clutter goes hand in hand: I clear off my desk to clear out distraction in my mind, and having less stuff means less time worrying about cleaning it up or finding things amidst the clutter.

I also tend to have a buzzing mind, so I do have some strategies for combating that! Exercise really helps – I love climbing, yoga, and running. I also suggest anything that will get me out of my own head and into someone else’s, ranging from reading a novel to doing something for a friend. Putting myself into perspective takes the pressure off!

You can have one super power! But you can’t use it for your own benefit. Would you still want to have the power? If yes, what do you want it to be?

Well, yes, I would definitely accept the super power. Maybe it could be a summoning power, so I could transport people to visit me, because I love hosting and taking people around my town. If my guests are feeling grateful, they could always spot me on airfare to visit them in return, I suppose!

The End.

Xandra, thank you for answering all my questions, stay fabulous!

Btw, you guys as I shared with you before, this is a part of People Behind The Geek feature post, the ones who make a difference in my life. Even though, I only know Xandra from blogosphere, reading her blog it and listening to her podcast inspires me.

Do you have a blogger that truly who inspires you? Share with me! And let me know in what way do they inspire you? 

Ps. Xandra’s e-book, Fashionably Light: Becoming My Own Heroin, it’s super worth checking out you guys.

Last month People Behind The Geek: my BFF, and next month: the Birthday Girl.

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