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Explore The Elements: Photo Blogging Competition

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I was catching up with the online world when I found out about the Thomas Cook Explore the Elements photo blogging competition. To participate, we have to post photographs that represent the earth, water, air and fire. Sound like fun, don’t you think? After spending hours combing through my photo, I came to a conclusion that I am truly NOT a photographer. I have so many blurry and weird pictures, which I still refuse to delete. Thankfully, there are some decent ones among those. Here are the chosen four, which I think best represent the four elements.


Earth Bali Element Thomas Cook What’s the color of the Earth? Is it blue or is it green? For me, Earth is colorful. If you don’t agree, just take a peek from your window. What colors do you see?

The earth is much more than what we see usually see it as. Its flora and fauna. It’s us and all forms of emotions. It’s a feast to, not only our eyes, but our lives, which was why I chose this picture. I took it last year in Bali when we attended the traditional cooking class. These were freshly picked essential ingredients for the Balinese meal we were preparing minutes later.


Water Siem Reap Element Thomas Cook For someone who prefers mountains to beaches, surprisingly, I have many pictures that represent water element. Among those, I chose this particular picture, taken in Cambodia, the scene held me captivated for a long. I kept restarting my then low-battery camera to be able to capture it. There’s a story attached to this picture. I was told that the net belonged to the little boy who was taking a nap in a hut nearby. Judging by the loud splashing sound coming from the water, there was going to be a good dinner at his home later that evening.


Now, back to you, I really hope that you all would participate. Why? Because it’s damn fun! Also, there are prizes people.

The four individual category winners will receive a MacBook Air, a Fujifilm X-T1 camera, or an iPhone 6 with Bose noise cancelling headphones, depending on their personal choice. The overall winner will be awarded an amazing £5,000 travel fund.

Those aren’t unicorns, but still.. Here is the how-to to enter the competition:

1. Publish an Explore the Elements post on your blog with an image for each element or as many as you want to capture.

2. Spread the word and nominate 5 of your fellow bloggers to take part, but please note that you don’t need to be nominated to enter the competition.

My nominations for this photo competition:

All the best Ladies! #GirlPowerPhotographer.

3. Let the company know you’ve entered by tweeting @ThomasCookUK or emailing them.

4. Entries must be received by Thomas Cook by no later than 23.59 on 16th March 2015 and keep an eye on the Thomas Cook Twitter account to find out who wins.

5. Please refer to Terms & Conditions.

Have fun going through your photo folders, or taking some new pictures. I hope all the nominees mentioned here, including all of you readers, participate in this competition. To be honest, I don’t mind the outcome, it’s going to be one fabulous competition with many emotions evoking pictures floating around on twitter carrying the official official hashtag #ExploreTheElements. I am allocating a hefty portion of the weekend to ogle at these photographs.

Which among these four pictures do you like the most? If you are participating, HURRY!! And do drop your link in the comment below, or tweet it to @ForeignGeek. I would love to see it. As always, thanks for reading you guys! Have a fabulous weekend!

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  • This seems really cool but I am wondering is this for UK bloggers/photographers only?

    • Foreign Geek

      Hey, thanks for stopping by! The competition is open for worldwide participants. I hope you participate as well 🙂

  • I love these and thank you again for the nomination!!! I have to take a look through my photos and see if I can find anything good 🙂

    • Foreign Geek

      You are most welcome Liz <3 Seeing your blog, I am sure you take good pictures !

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