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9 Things To Do In Eureka Skydeck 88 Melbourne

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Today’s Melbourne Eureka Skydeck 88’s 9th birthday. Yeah, the building has a birthday, 13th May. Eureka Skydeck has been yet another overlooked Melbourne city tourist attraction. At least it was ignored by me and my friends the first time we visited Melbourne three years ago. What a mistake! Now that I live here, I begin to think that Eureka Skydeck is the modern landmark of Melbourne, equivalent to Flinders Station as the historical one or even the Sydney Opera House for Australia. I could see the skyscraper practically from everywhere, even from our apartment which is in another suburb all together. It gives me comfort, a familiar “face” among everything new. And there here are so many things we can do in Eureka Skydeck you guys! Here are some of the reasons why we all should visit it:

1. Enjoy the city of Melbourne and its sparkling glory at night

Melbourne night

2. Hide from work in Eureka Skydeck

On a stressful day at work I decided to take a break and roam around the office complex, that’s when I saw the Eureka Skydeck which was like five mins away. On a whim, I decided to get inside it and get the annual pass too, since the price wasn’t much of a difference compared to a single entry. I reckon I can come here again for a short refuge from work. And I have been back there thrice and counting ever since then. It helps to melt away work related fatigue and I go back to my cubicle calmer and ready to tackle more excels.

Melbourne city

3. Practice your photography skill from Eureka Skydeck

Having had a photography lesson at the Photography Boot Camp last Sunday, I decided to take my camera and practice from the Eureka Sydeck, both in the afternoon and night, to compare the lighting, focus on shutter speed and whatnots. The result? Well, it’s still below par, but I am glad I get to practice it in a different environment.

Melbourne Flinders Station

Melbourne Flinders Street Night

4. Send mail from Australia highest post box in Eureka Skydeck

Yeah, they have a post box on the 88th floor and it’s the highest in Australia you guys. The sign on the post box said so! If you are a superlatives lover, just like me and the schoolgirls who hovered around the post box, this would be a reason enough to pay a visit to Eureka Skydeck.

5. Treat your friend or mom with a fantastic view of Melbourne skyline

Melbourne night

It took the Skydeck annual pass card almost a month to be mailed to my place, but it came with a bunch of great deal, including a free entry pass for one person, a free coffee, a free edge access and some other discounts. Remembering how excited she was when we went to Burj Khalifa, I can’t wait to take Mama Geek here for FREE when she comes to visit.

6. Secure a lunch spot in Eureka Skydeck

I would say for a slightly hiked price with no waiting list nor booking fees, enjoying your meal at Eureka Skydeck is a complete bargain. Pop by anytime and you can have a light meal overlooking the city, something that even people who live in a penthouse might not be able to enjoy. Lucky us.

Melbourne tram


7. Take your date to Eureka Skydeck

Movie and dinner? Pfft! Cmon guys, let’s not be normal and go on normal dates. You want to impress someone, have a memorable time or shake things up? Arrange a date on the 88th floor of Eureka Skydeck. It need not to be long or too elaborate. Take them there, make it a surprise and be interesting. Brownie points for giving your date a Skydeck snow globe from the souvenir store.

Eureka Skydeck

8. Take photo booth pictures

For some delightful reason, there is a photo booth on Eureka Skydeck and a strip of 4 black and white pictures can be ours for $5 (I love Melbourne and its random photo booths, I plan to write all about it. Someday). If you are not a photo booth kind of person (but why??) how about taking the touristy picture offered there? Is it tacky? Most probably yes. Will it make you smile a decade from now? Most definitely yes.

9. Gain a different perspective on people watching from Eureka Skydeck

I love people watching. Though I usually do it in a coffee shop while pretending to read so not to creep them out, watching people from way above is also pretty interesting. Colorful human ants, going in different directions of the bridge on their way to living their lives.

You guys, don’t overlook Skydeck just because it isn’t exactly the Opera House. It’s the iconic landmark of Melbourne. If you are visiting Melbourne, I urge you to spare your time to visit either Melbourne Aquarium, more so if you are an animal lover, or if you are more like me, who easily awed by cities skyline and glittery bright lights do visit the Eureka Skydeck. And for Melbournians, especially for the ones who either work or live in the city, do get the annual pass so you can “hide” here every now and then, it would be money well spent to reduce your stress level. Ta!

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  • Katie Hodgkinson

    I visited Melbourne on my travels in October through the January last year and the Skydeck was actually one of the first things I did; or at least one of the first things I willingly forked out the money for. I did enjoy it, and the views were stunning but I did think it was a little pricey for what it was (I got it on discount through a voucher but the original price was a bit much) But I guess as a place to hide away for an annual pass it sounds pretty worth it if it wasn’t too much extra. I loved the little telescopes, not the ones you move around, but the ones that stay in the same place and highlight a feature of Melbourne like Flinders Station or the library – I thought those were pretty cool 🙂 I’m glad you’re enjoying Melbourne though, I’ve been in Aus for just over a year and a half now, and although Melbourne was the first place I went to, it’s still my favourite!


  • Incredible photos! You really get a great view from that.

    PS I’m thinking of doing a collaborative post with a bunch of expats. Can I Tweet you to give you more information?

  • It’s going on my travel list!

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