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Why Eating in Berlin Should Be 1 of the 7 Deadly Sins

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During my last trip to Europe I gained weight. I didn’t want to believe it at first. I have an Indonesian tongue; I like my food to be rich in flavor, with a big portion of rice and lots of spices. When I travel outside of South East Asia, I go with no culinary expectation. I eat just as means to an end. How could I gain weight?! Now, looking through my pictures I realized that I had been eating Berlin food non-stop. I don’t remember sitting somewhere for more than a half hour without food in my hand in Berlin. They were the delicious culprits!

Culprit No.1 – Currywurst

Curry Wrust

Currywurst is the most famous Germany mentioned in travel blogs. It would practically be a traveler sin not to try it, at least once. Using that very excuse I tried my first Currywurst even though the idea of eating a hot dog (I somehow thought it was a hot dog, it wasn’t) mixed with curry seemed far from appealing. I stood in front of Curry 36 stand for a while, studying at the long, confusing menu for a hot dog stand (again, it wasn’t a hot dog). Finally, I told the cook what I want, he asked me something back; didn’t understand, I asked Mita for help and three minutes later I put a piece of the hotdog, I mean Currywurst, in my mouth. ZOMG it was super tasty! The steamed and then fried pork sausage was so juicy and flavorful, perfect for the chilly weather that night. Please, PLEASE try Currywurst from Curry 36 when you visit Berlin.

Culprit No. 2 – Mustafa Kebap

While I was reading the menu at the Currywurst place, my cousins were queuing on the line in front of Mustafa Kebap just a few steps ahead. They were like ten people in front of them and many more by the time I joined them. The thing is the kebab stand guys were taking their time making it, they looked happy, throwing inside jokes among them and making conservation with the customer in front of them, which was nice. Unless you were waiting in the long queue, like the guy in front of us who finally brought a sofa chair to sit on. Yes, a sofa-chair, where did he get it in the first place?!

When it’s finally our time, I ordered one as well, because the Currywurst had been long gone. Was it worth the wait? OH YES! It was hands down the best kebab, I have ever eaten in my life. They put all the fresh ingredients, tender chicken and what I believed as secret sauce. Next time I visit Berlin, I am going to stay just around the corner from Mustafa Kebap. Speaking of the name, I wonder, why is it called Kebap instead of Kebab?

Culprit No. 3 – Salted Pretzel

It’s not like I have never eaten pretzel before, but once I tried the salted pretzel from the bread stand at the Alexanderplatz train station, my relationship with the pretzels has been upgraded from acquaintances to best friend. I had to get my fingers to those salty crunch weirdly shaped bread everyday and once we were back to the room, I munched on their miniature version ones. Germany pretzels single-handedly increased my weight by at least one kg.

Culprit No. 4 – Christmas Market

Christmas Market Germany

Look at the above picture. That’s it. I believe is no need for further explanation. How can I not?!! And this wasn’t all. Mita took us to her favorite hang out place, Barcomi’s. Another time we had delicious ramen in a secretive corner house. We had the best cake at The Barn and we also had Indonesian spicy fried rice on our last day there at the Mabuhay. All thanks to Mita. Wait, does this mean Mita is to blame for me gaining weight? Hmm.. Don’t worry Mita, I forgive you. Now, please courier that kebab to my address.

How about you, which country’s, other than your own, food you love the most?

Read about my love for Berlin here and again here. Link up Treat Yo’ Self Thursday.

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  • Berlin would be so dangerous for my waistline, I mean how good do those salted pretzels look! I need them in my life immediately.

    • Foreign Geek

      Hahahaha.. apparently there are many pretzel fans in blogosphere ;P

  • I am a huge pretzel lover so those salted pretzels sound like heaven to me!

    • Foreign Geek

      It tasted like heaven too Kaelene! Thank you for stopping by <3 Glad to see u here

  • Those PRETZELS though! Mmmmmm 😀

    • Foreign Geek

      Oh yes, yumm!!

  • Germany in general gets me for just having massive slabs of pork with thick, crispy crackling. GET IN MY BELLY!!!
    I put on so much weight when I lived in Germany…

    • Foreign Geek

      I so can relate to this even though I was there for a few days only!

  • As someone who is constantly hungry I just about keeled over reading this.
    All I am thinking about right now is a kebab.
    Why go down the street for one? That kebab in Germany looks, and sounds, so much better!!

    • Foreign Geek

      Andrea, this kebab shop is the BESTest. Please try next time you visit Germany..

  • Oh man those pretzels look amazing! Definitely one of my weaknesses! Would love to try a currywurst, hopefully I will get to try one when we head to Germany soon!

  • This all sounds super dreamy! We have a currywurst foodcart next to our office and even though I’m sure it’s not NEARLY as good, it is all I want on cold rainy days.
    For me, Thailand was my food dream. Everything was so amazing and abundantly cheap everywhere.

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