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East Asia’s Tastiest Street Food

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It’s raining cats and dogs over here and I can’t stop thinking about street food! The cheap and warm street food from all over the city. And on a cold night? Oh yum yum!! I am sure you could relate, because who doesn’t love street food?! It’s sinfully good.

I don’t really look out for street food in other countries, because I think Indonesia has the BEST ones. If you think I am being biased, please visit Indonesia and prove me wrong. Still, I have scored some delicious ones while traveling, especially in East Asia. Here are some of the tastiest street food I have ever eaten there:

1. Lip-smackingly sweet Beijing Tanghulu

Tanghulu China The best way to travel is to have a local friend! I was accompanied by Yin when I saw this and I was like “OMG, WHY IT’S GLITTERY?!! IT’S SO LONG, I CAN’T FINISH IT! I WANT ONE!“. Before I finished the sentence I had one in my hand. Local friend = the best! These sugar syrups glazed fruit skewers are called Tanghulu and it’s known as diabetic medicine. No, I am joking, it’s known as an auspicious symbol, on special days it’s used as decorations in the temples. Speaking of medicine, Tanghulu originally made as a medicine to cure an ill member of the royal family. Can you believe this sugar coated fruit stick thingy was a prescribed medicine?! It is a perfect excuse to try it! For healing purposes.

I tried the small-apples-like skewer, it tasted sweet and sour and lip-smackingly good. I finished it, got a little headache and went back home with a sugar rush that lasted throughout out the night.

2. Super soft Pagoda Yaki in Asakusa

Taiyaki Japan Let’s just ignore the chipped nail polish and weird background and focus on the pagoda shaped miniature cake instead.

We were wondering around Asakusa when I got separated from my besties. What’s the first thing to do in such situation? Buy a bag of snacks, of course. Ningyo-yaki, translated as fried dolls, comes in different shapes. It’s essentially a fried batter that tasted sweet, soft and it’s addictive! Japan really has a knack to make everything hundred time more fun.

I bought a plastic bag full of this yaki thingy with the intention of sharing it with two of them, unfortunately I haven’t met them when I pop the last one into my mouth (the one in the picture). I am sorry girls, next time, I will get us one bag each.

3. Pimping hot Korean Egg Bread

Gyeran Bbang Imagine being served with a toast and egg on a cold morning on an empty stomach. Now imagine something better. I met this bad ass combo on our first morning in Seoul, while walking around Myeongdong, waiting for Vi to finish her work. Well, hello there, perfect piece of breakfast! It’s the Eastern version of the normal egg and toast brekkie and to be eaten on to go. Do we need anything more in this life?!

the egg bread (Gyeran Bbang)  was hot enough to boil the egg in it and it was absolutely fantastic! I tried to find the guy who sold it the next day, no luck. Egg bread can’t be that hard to make and it’s a great alternative for breakfast. If you are interested, check out the recipe here.

4. Milky Taiwanese Youtiao

Taiwanese Youtiao It was a cold night (yeah, all my street food memories start with cold days) when me and Mama Geek explored Ximending. We have had our dinner, but we stayed a bit longer to pamper our taste buds with the local delights because we were in Taiwan, the street food kingdom.

I have stopped my session with frozen cherry tomato dipped in sugar this time (kinda like Tanghulu but much smaller and less fun), while Mama Geek had fried bread.

The fried bread came with different toppings, you can choose peanuts, milk, chocolate sprinkles and some other delicious looking stuff. I took a few bites and it’s crazy delicious ((okay, I ate almost all of it). The bread was still crispy when the milk started to seep in. YUM!! If it feels too sinful for you (but why?!!), check out Taiwan Coffin Bread better (recipe).

In the end, we shouldn’t have any excuse to munch on street food, for the sole reason that it’s street food, delicious and happiness inducing.

What’s the famous street food in your part of the world? And what’s the best street food you have eaten while traveling? Tweet/Insta me your street food #ForeignFood. Happy Friday to you all and thank you for reading. I am off to do some street food hunting myself, next food report is coming from Indonesia.

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  • In Spain (at least in Madrid), street food isn’t that common. There are guys that sell roasted chestnuts, sweet potatoes and corn, but I’ve only seen 3 street food vendors in the entire city. The BEST street food I ever had was some kind of rice dish in Bangkok. It was delicious, but also really cheap!

  • Please remind me to stop reading your blog while hungry!!
    I’ve been to Korea twice now and have yet to come across that egg bread! That is so on my to-do list now.

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