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Durian: The Infamous Kings of Fruits

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Hi you guys. A while ago, I was browsing the Indonesian blogging world to find a place to have Valentine dinner with Mama Geek and I stumbled upon Meidiana blog, Geret Koper. Her writings and observations are interesting, it’s like seeing Jakarta (and the rest of the world) with different perspective. Which got me thinking, why don’t I share her writing here? With a green light from Meidiana, here is an article she wrote about snacks made from Durian, the infamous King of fruits.

As I walked down the street heading to Jonker street, all I can smell was Durian. I tried to figure it out where was that smell came from. Then I realized there were many tourists eating Durian Ice Cream around me.

Me : “Why there’s so many Durian dish around?” 

My cousin : “This place is famous with it”

Me : “Really never heard it before”

My cousin : “Welcome, then”

Since I live in Jakarta, Durian isn’t a new fruit for me,. Beside rain season and dry season, we also have Durian season hahahaha *kidding*. When the Durian season comes, we can easily find fruit stalls selling it along the streets. I didn’t know Malacca is famous for it in the first place. Looking around we could easily find lots of shops selling Durian dishes.

I got reminded of my last trip to Vietnam, the guide showed me Jack fruit, Dragon fruit and Durian. Then she got confused when I didn’t look curious like other tourists. I told her, “I from Indonesia ma’am, I can easily find those fruits in my city“. She laughed and understood my earlier reaction.


Durian Ice Cream – Just Berrys.


Durian Cendol – The Tree.


My aunt and cousin are big fans.


Durian Fire Ball – Durian King.

I don’t like the fruit now, but I used to like it, confusing huh? it’s a long story. Well, my cousin said Durian in Malacca is really good and I would regret it if I don’t try it some, still I didn’t try it 😀

If you like Durian, go ahead and try all type of snacks made by it around Jonker Street (Malacca, Malaysia) such as Durian Ice, Durian Ice cream, Durian Snow Ice, Cendol Durian, Durian Chips, Durian Spring roll, Durian Fire Ball and Durian Crispy Roll. Your choice people :).

Author: Meidiana Kusuma // Blog: Geret Koper // Twitter: @geretkoper // Instagram: MeidianaKusuma // Current location: Indonesia // Featured Image source.

How about you? Have you tried Durian before? Would you? I am looking for more articles, something different from what I usually write, to be “reblog” in ForeignGeek. Please let me know by email if you are interested. Thanks!

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