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Dubai: Television vs Reality

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I had a mega fun last weekend at a non-adult sleepover with good food and great company. The kind which’s worth a whole page scrapbook. That’s why I didn’t write anything over the weekend, and I am sorry for the ones who sat glued to their laptop waiting for my weekend post. I hope you do exist. Even if it’s just one of you, please don’t be another fictional character who lives only in my head.

Speaking of fictional characters, by now, you might be aware that I was partly raised by TV shows. I identify my life and myself with many TV characters out there. I am John Cage in Ally McBeal, pre-marriage Merideth Grey  in Grey’s Anatomy  and parts of Carrie, Miranda, Samantha (definitely Ms Jones), even Charlotte. That’s why, when I packed my luggage and traveled to Dubai my expectation has been distorted, by Sex and The City 2 nonetheless.

Middle East equals the desert and if you put Dubai on your list, I am sure you have pictured yourself standing majestically in the desert, looking fabulous, exactly like I did. I envisioned myself as Carrie, walking side by side with Mama Geek and the aunties, wearing a head turban and genie outfit with less cleavage.


Instead, I had to settle down with this picture. A blurry picture of myself, looking both terrified and terrified while sinking into the quicksand.


Almost genie like outfit? Unchecked. Everything else? Unchecked.


I went to the famous spice souk, hoping to recreate the scene where Carrie walked around the market by herself with the to-die-for skirt and bumped into Aiden. Unfortunately, I only found a spice supermarket with very talkative sellers. I came back with a half kilo of almonds to bring back home, which was finished it on our last night in Dubai.

Saffron Shop Dubai

Oh well.. at least I also didn’t meet my ex boyfriend because that would be.. err unpleasant.

I dreamt about colorful and artsy buildings, one of my weaknesses. Places that would blow my mind in a happy way (kindly refer to Charlotte’s face).


And in the five days there, it didn’t happen. Well, it did, if we count Burj Khalifa, but it was not colorful nor artsy. I saw many apartment buildings, similar to Singapore HDB, but not half as good. Btw, ever since I saw Samantha’s gold pants, I know what I have been missing in life. It’s my version of Dorothy’s ruby red slippers. And I need to be reunited with it.

Dubai Apartment Building

Now, let’s see from your point of view for a change. Can you see how happy and smug looking are these camels, and on the same note, these ladies?


While these were our camels. They looked tired, bored and that made me feel tired, bored and worse.



The meal we had on our Arabian Night Adventure was nice, but it was dark and with very less privacy, had to share the table with a creepy family with a creepier son who kept zooming on the belly dancer’s breasts when he took the video. Duuude! Me, your sister, even your momma could see it.


In conclusion, my Dubai trip was unlike what I imagined. Maybe I should prepare better and do more research next time. Or maybe some places, however good it might be on screen or to others, just don’t resonate with your heart. Maybe, Dubai is like that for me. For me and Miaw that is.

Miaw not impressed

Will there be a next time? Yeah, I guess I’ll use my transits to do another round of Desert Safari and this time with sand boarding in the itinerary.

If you think I have learned my lesson 0f separating reality and TV life, you are wrong my friend. I’ll be going on my first official road trip with my besties in two weeks and Charles, I am expecting a convertible, preferably red, while we sit with our chic hairdos, wrapped in a scarf. Something like this picture.

Girl Scarf

I have got the scarf and the red lipstick. Let me see whether they sell the knockoff version of the sunnies.

Have you ever gone to a new place that didn’t live up to your expectations? Even if your expectations came from a ridiculous movie? Yes, as much as I love SATC, the second movie was really bad.

As usual, thank you for reading people. I hope you enjoy the preview of my distorted point of view. This post makes the fourth installment of Dubai Diary. Stay subscribed for the last one tomorrow. Unless I am invited for another sleepover.

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  • LOL! Definitely had a similar experience when I first arrived in South Korea


  • haha, you look fab! And, PS: I learned on the Sex And The City tour I did a couple of years ago that it wasn’t filmed in Dubai. It was actually filmed in Morocco.

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