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Dubai Diary: Good Things & Goodbye

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As promised, my last story about Dubai, for now. Yesterday I posted about how Dubai was far from my TV show fueled expectations. Today, I will share glimpses of things I love about Dubai. I do hope you stick with it until this far. Enjoy the last installment of Dubai Diary!

Dubai Skyline

The metropolis city skyline’s majestic. Everytime we traveled from one spot from another, I spot unique gigantic buildings.


Souks in Dubai are filled with knickknacks. Granted, it didn’t look anything like the one Carrie trotted around in the movie, but it managed to quench my thirst for colorful, glittery and cute stuff.


For some unknown reasons, I found the camel shaped souvenirs adorable. Camel keychain was the official souvenir for everyone back home. While I got myself a pink camel. To be completely honest, it’s not for me, but for Miaw. He wanted a pet, so we brought back Cimi Binti CimCim. They have been inseparable ever since.

Mutton Vindaloo

I broke down and asked for Indian food on our third day there. We had it in one of the restaurants in the mall. That’s mutton vindaloo, saffron rice and raita. Have you ever tried such combination before? It’s to die for people! To.die.for!

Karak chai

My first taste of Karak chai. #Delicious.


Carpets reminded me of Princess Jasmine and Hulk, both are obsessed with it. I snapped this picture for them.

Woman Train Dubai

Inside the Dubai metro, there are cabins designated for women and kids only. Before I came to the Middle East, I had a distorted perception about the double standards between genders, but I have been proven that I was wrong, again and again during my stay in Dubai. Everyone seemed to be respectful of this rule and I had a more relaxed ride, because the cart was less crowded.



My attempt to take a panoramic picture using an iPhone. I am pretty proud with the result, though a little bothered by the crane lurking at the far back. Hey, it wouldn’t be Dubai unless there’s a construction going on anywhere you turn right?



It’s hard to believe you are in the Middle East when you roam around Jumairah Beach Walk area. The place reminded me of a piazza in a European country.

Dubai Burj Khalifa

We were on the Burj Khalifa 124th floor and this was the view when I looked down. I booked the ticket closest to the sunset, unfortunately the weather was sandy, we couldn’t enjoy the sunset properly. But I didn’t bother, it’s still one of superlative life experiences.

Burj Khalifa

Finally, a proper sight of the world tallest building. I knew Burj Khalifa would be magnificent, but I didn’t imagine it would be gorgeous as well. It’s designed in the shape of a flower. I feel blessed to be able to be inside and look at it up close and personal.


Dubai Mall

With this thousands of paper butterflies Dubai and I said our goodbyes. We flew back the next day. Ma’al-salamah!

Even though I am not a big fan of Dubai, as I mentioned before, I am glad I got to see and enjoy interesting things. After all, it’s traveling to a new place which beats staying at home, am I right? Have you been to Dubai? What are your favorite things about it?

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