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Dubai Dhow Cruise Dinner

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In life, I have been blessed with the chances of taking cruises. There you go, a sentence I never thought I would ever say. But yes, I have. It’s not that I plan for it, after all it’s no train rides, but if I know the place that I am visiting have some sort of day cruise, I try to get on it. Like last month, when we had Dubai dhow cruise dinner. It turned out to be a lovely evening, Mama Geek’s favorite part of our trip (mine was the desert safari). Have you ever taken a dinner cruise before? If not, please do, and these are the reasons why:

1. The only kind you can afford

Dhow Cruise

You know what kind cruise I really, really want to take? Disney cruise. Now, let’s be real here, you know what kinda cruise I can afford? Dinner cruise. Still, it’s a cruise, it’s fancy, it’s different and it usually has glass windows and open deck too, which makes the whole experience at least mollifying.

We booked our Dubai Dhow Dinner Cruise early after being informed the good ones are usually fully booked already if we try to do it on the same day. The cruise took us down the Dubai creek from sunset to starry night.

Enjoying the city while being slightly detached from it was a shooting experience you guys. It will give you different perspectives and a higher appreciation of it and it can be a pleasant experience to go as a couple and or a group. I went there with Mama Geek and Aunty Geek (cue sound for new character introduction. Oh wait, I don’t have one, even am struggling to design this blog). I haven’t tried going about it all by myself, but the prospect of being left alone with my thoughts for hours, without wifi nor pen or paper to sort it out, would want to make me jump out of the boat.

2. Interesting people

Dubai Dhow Dinner Cruise

Cruise means the possibility of meeting new and interesting people from all over the world, with a chance of you falling in love with one of them and ended up floating  together in between the icebergs, until one of you is dead. Setting aside the possibility of frozen to death, dinner on the cruise are the goldmine of socializing. People are in a good mood, because they are eating and a little more loose, because they are drinking. This time, the cruise was filled with elderly, almost all of them well beyond their 60s. I greeted each of them, had a conversation with the leader of the pack, a small granny who wore 6 different lengths of pearl necklace, about camel ride, backpacking and kids these days. As  mentioned it many times here before, these encounters were some of my favorite parts of traveling.

3. Food spread

Dhow Cruise Dinner

Another reason that involves food, because, food. Dinner cruise usually equals to buffet dinner, which sometimes is the most appealing factor for me. Calories from the food eaten while floating on the water don’t count? And who doesn’t want that? Our Dhow Cruise Dinner had both Western and Middle Eastern cuisine and they gave us plenty of time to get to fifth serving or beyond if we wanted to. I stopped at fifth, or maybe sixth, without counting the dessert, because happiness inducing food has no calories too.


Special mention: Hummus. Give me a huge plate of olive oil drizzled hummus and enough rotis to dip into it and I am a happy sailor. I have a thing for olive oil drizzled hummus, it makes me smile widely. Which is why even after eating it at breakfast for five consecutive mornings in Dubai, I still chose this when we were having dinner on the cruise. Strangely, my love for hummus deepen after the trip to Waiheke, on which I couldn’t remember eating a middle eastern cuisine.

What, one type of dish, you could eat again and again, every single day for the rest of your life?

4. Amazing views

Dhow Cruise Dubai

The view is the reason I use to convince my friends to take the cruise dinner together as I ain’t admitting to anyone that it’s the buffet that attracts me the most. Also, that’s enough to convince them. I managed to get Yin to take the Shanghai cruise with me and almost tricked Hulk to take the Singapore one some time ago. In my defense, it’s always have been a fantastic view. The night skyline of these metropolises is just amazing. It’s like watching TLC channel, in slow motion, and with better food than the usual microwaved canned tuna.

Dhow Cruise Dubai

And with this blurry picture, I will finish today’s topic. I am sure I have convinced you to put it on your next itinerary because who wouldn’t want good food, fantastic view and the possibility of new lovaaah.

Ps. Even pearly wearing granny was looking for a potential gentleman to celebrate big holidays with. Her words, not mine.

Thanks for reading people. Back tomorrow, or the day after, depends on how my weekend goes.

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