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These are My Dream Jobs

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Today is officially a month since I became jobless. One might say (read: my mom) I should be worried with the unstable job market situation (FYI Job market has been unstable since I joined workforce almost a decade ago). And I am sure I will. I am sure the fear of living without a steady income will kick in soon and keep me awake at night while eating my hair. But not yet, my friends, not yet. Currently I am taking a break and enjoying it.

While I am figuring out what I need to do next, I am toying with the idea of what if I could do anything I want. That would be awesome. And I want to be the President or some of these dream jobs of mine:

1. Sheep Photographer.

Job Description: Take beautiful pictures of sheep in all its glory.

Sheep New Zealand

I recently discovered that I like sheep. A LOT. They are cute and fluffy. I squealed every time I see them, like many teenagers when they see Rob Pattinson. I can see myself working as a sheep photographer passionately everyday for the rest of my life. Waking in the dawn to capture them with the best light, sneaking from behind and take a candid picture of them doing sheep stuff. And the best thing about this job, I can do freelance gigs, going town-to-town, staying on farms, offering my sheep photography service.

2. Fake Pundit.

Job Description: Shed some enlightenment to confuse souls.

You might think this is not an easy job to pull off, but I have met and listened to fake pundits way too many times to be able to copy them easily. I just need to stop washing my hair, wear a monochrome robe (pastel pink) and sit calmly somewhere visible. I will then memorize a few pages from The Secret every night and chant it quietly day-by-day until people start to notice and ask for my blessing and guidance (guidance will also come from The Secret book and, sometimes, Chicken Soup For The Soul collection). The best thing about this job would be the milk bath. Oh, how I would love to be showered with warm milk. The downside? Food and fashion restriction (publicly) makes this is the least appealing job amongst the four.

3. Regional Hotels’ Bed Critique.

Job Description: Rate the comfort of hotels’ bed in the city I am currently residing.

Westin Hotel

I know, there are already many online reviews available for hotels. There is even a duvet tester job. But my job would be regional and specifically testing the beds only, therefore this wouldn’t be a vacation for me, purely work to put food on the table. The perks about this job? Living rent free. Miaw would be my assistant.

4. Stuffed Toys Tour Guide.

Job Description: Take stuffed toys for vacation.

Kiwi Rail

^^ Miaw riding the Kiwi Rail to Wellington.

You guys this is a real job and I was born to do it! I have been traveling with Miaw for years now and I do let him take travel pictures on his own. Doing this job will feed my passion AND to do it in Japan? I DIE! Die of happiness that is. OMG should I apply for it? Maybe a few pictures of Miaw would convince them to hire me! And I will be flying to Japan in no time! Alright, gtg I am going to apply for this job this instant. Never thought I would enter the Japanese market like this, but hey.. Life calling.

Before I go, how about you? What is your ultimate dream job? Share with me!

I am participating in #BlogEverydayinSept. Yesterday, I talked about my childhood celebrity crush. Today I was supposed to talk about my daily makeup routine, but I don’t think anything about it worth writing here, so I write this Four Things Friday insteadConnect with me? I am buzzing on TwitterInstagramBlogLovin’ and occasionally on Google+.  Thanks for reading!

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  • I love this and your outlook on not having a job it’s really refreshing. Thanks for sharing and making me smile!

    • Foreign Geek

      Wow, thanks Brittany! and thank you for dropping by. Sorry for late reply. I have been busy with all the moving. xO.

  • This is brilliant. You are hilarious. I think they’re all very worthy jobs. I think mine would be “Weather Analyst & Advisor” but not like in a proper technical way; more in a what-it-actually-feels-like kind of way so London would be: looks sunny, bring a cardi though and Chicago would be: Hot, sunburn likely, chances of getting drenched also likely, bring sunscreen and umbrella. Seriously, temperature tells you nothing.

    • Foreign Geek

      Thanks Anna! and OMG your would be awesome AND USEFUL. I so agree about the temperature! I suffered for depending on it on our last trip.

  • Hahaha. You have inspired me to pursue the dream I never knew I had of becoming a professional sheep photographer!

    • Foreign Geek

      Yes, yes.. there is a sheep photographer inside every one of us 😉

  • First, I’m sorry you lost your job :(.
    Love the job as a sheep photographer. I’d take that anytime!

    • Foreign Geek

      Hi Susanne, that’s very kind of you. I left my job because I was moving out of Singapore 🙂 Do you like sheep too?

  • I love the first and the last one! Maybe I would change the sheep to cats, than I could do this for all my life!^^

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