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Super Easy DIY BnW Photo: Take Out Your Album

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I will be the first to admit that I suck at many things, including dancing, picking good presents and crafting. I have had my school teacher wrote a note to my parents asking them to “guide” me whenever I had crafts related homework because it sucked. She didn’t really write suck on the paper, but she did shake her head and gave me the “you are hopeless” teacher’s look. She was not entirely wrong, because I am still clueless about crafting BUT I love to read about the how-tos, to look at people’s project. I always want to start the simple ones, you know, just to keep me rolling. If you are someone like me, you will super appreciate Anjali’s easy DIY like the one below. Enjoy!

Hello wonderful people! I’m Anjali, and I blog over at From L&P to English Tea and Back Again (you can read about the blog name here). I’m a New Zealander, with a love of books, travel, DIY and crafty things, music, photography, and Harry Potter. You can find all these things and more on the blog, because I have too many hobbies to keep to myself, and I can’t stick to just one thing. That’s me!

Photo DIY A little while ago I was given a pile of black and white images on card that were a part of some sort of educational pack that was being thrown out. I grabbed them up, knowing I could figure out something to do with them. While I was playing around with some ideas, I decided that this embroidered writing look turned out to be pretty neat. I thought I’d share it with you today. It’s super easy and you don’t need anything special to create something like this.

What you need

What you’ll need: Black and white photo (preferably on card), a large sharp needle, embroidery thread of your choice (embroidery thread is thicker than cotton thread, so creates a thicker line), pencil and scissors.

It’s unlikely you’re going to have a bunch of black and white photos on card lying around your house like I did (I seem to acquire the strangest things), but there’s an easy fix! Find some of your favorite photos that you’ve taken, and print them out in black and white onto the card, or thick paper. Another option is finding black and white magazine pictures, or even photocopying colored images in b&w. If you print them onto paper, do be weary as they tend to rip when the needle goes through them.

Once you’ve got your photo/s ready, flip it over so the back is facing you. If you want your writing in s specific place, make sure you know where that is, otherwise, write what you want to thread (in my case ‘Happy New Year’) onto the back, but write it backwards. If that’s too difficult (I had trouble, too), then that’s okay! Just write in pencil on the front of your image. You won’t be able to see the pencil marks anyway.

Grab a needle, but don’t thread it yet. Place your needle at the top of one of your letters, and push it through, and pull it out. Then, along the line of the letter, leave a gap and push the needle through again. Basically what you’re doing is creating the holes for the thread at intervals along the letter. It makes it a lot easier to thread the thread later when the holes have already been made. Here’s a picture, so you can see what I mean:

Photo 1 - Needle holes

Photo 2 - threading letters

Once you’ve ‘holed’ all your letters, thread your needle. Knot the end so it won’t go through the holes, and starting from the back, pulling the thread through. And now just thread your letters! If you’ve done several lines of text, like I did, knot off your thread before moving to the next line. I found this easier, as if I made a mistake (it happens!) I didn’t have to un-do the entire picture.

Photo 3 - Complete with needle and thread

Photo 5 - complete 2 And you’re done! Looking good, people! See? Super easy, and looks pretty cool at the end. Now you hang hang it on the wall, in a frame, or with Washi tape, or give it away as a gift. You can do this and turn them into cards, or notes for people. There are so many options!

I hope that this has all made sense, but if you have any questions, I’m totally around to answer them!

Thanks, NaNa, for having me! It’s been a blast!

Thank you Anjali, the pleasure was all mine. If you are interested in more DIY, please head over to Anjali’s blog. She has done so many cool ones. My personal favorite is the Harry Potter wands (I am going to Accio myself some Bradley Cooper) and the Halloween fridge magnets. If you are interested to get to know Anjali, the fabulous brain behind this awesome DIY, check out this blog during the weekend, we have some Q&As coming your way. Thank you for reading you guys, now let’s do some DIY. I am thinking to do “I SUCK? NO! YOU SUCK!!” embroidery on my old class picture and send it to the teacher (not being passive aggressive is another thing I am not good at). Enjoy this DIY bnw photo.

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  • Yay!! Thanks so much for having me!!
    Hahah! Love your idea of sending your old class photo to your teacher! heh heh! 😀

    • Foreign Geek

      It was a pleasure to have you Anjali. Thank you for sharing a fun DIY with us <3 And yes, someone is getting an embroidered photo on Teacher's day ;P

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