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I wish You A Happy Diwali

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You guys, have you heard of Diwali before? It’s the most celebrated Hindu festival every year. Known as the festival of lights, it is about the victory of good over evil. Today is the day and since it’s about the goodness in life, I want to wish everyone a Happy Diwali! I am sending you happy vibes from here. Now I am off to celebrate it with family, food and colorful surroundings. I promise you a detailed story of this year’s celebration at our house soon, meanwhile here is a sneak peek.


^^ These are the Diwali treats made by Mama Geek. I helped as well (by eating it).

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  • Robyn

    Looks wonderful! Have a great time 🙂


    • Foreign Geek

      Thank you Robyn <3

  • Rima Sagala

    oh no…. lights???? i wanna celebrate!

    • Foreign Geek

      Err no lights, ini ala Indonesia Rim 😉

  • Happy Diwali to you too. Although we don’t celebrate Diwali, it is very well known in South Africa, because of our very large Hindu Community. Hindu people are also very generous and over the years we have known Indian people who have generously given us sweet meats and other traditional Diwali eats. Your mom’s treats look delicious. Have a wonderful time

    • Foreign Geek

      Wow, I didn’t know there is a large Hindu community in SA! Cool! and thank you Dianne.

      • Indians only make up about 2.5% of the population, of which some are Muslim and Christian and other Religions, but in terms of numbers it is a lot. Durban a coastal City in SA has the most Indians of which 64% are Hindu. Hehe a quick cultural lesson on your blog, who would have thought. Don’t quote my figures they not cast in stone. You need to add SA onto your travels. We have a beautiful country, with very diverse cultures, despite all the negative issues.
        Enjoy the rest of your festivities

  • Happy Diwali!!

    • Foreign Geek

      Thank you <3

  • Happy Diwali!

    • Foreign Geek

      Thank you Liz. How’s the celebration in Singapore?

      • For me I had fun bumming at home and catching a movie with J, just loving the mid week public holiday. Heh. It was fun seeing amazing photos on Instagram from my friends who celebrated it though.

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