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NOT Eating Dim Sum in Hong Kong

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Hello people!

I went to Hong Kong with my BFF last Friday, and we ate dim sum. Dim sum and again dim sum in Hongkong. I planned to share our dim sum saga with you; the research, the google-mapping and the picture of my mouth opening widely to stuff the soft sweet beans bun inside it, but naaah… Not another review on Hong Kong dim sum. There is already 7 million reviews on the big G, because when you come here your friends, their grandma and their grandma’s cat will take you out for dim sum in Hong Kong.

I flipped through our endless food eating pictures and compiled the list of things we had instead of dim sum in Hong Kong, which are not necessarily better, because c’mon Hong Kong dim sum IS THE BEST! Still, here you go.

Bookmark it if you are visiting in Hong Kong for more than a weekend.

1. BBQ Pork Pineapple Bun

BBQ Pork Bun

If I was on death row in a prison in Hong Kong, my choice of last meal would be BBQ pork pineapple bun and from this particular restaurant near Wan Chai post office. It’s OOOooMG SO GOOD! Forget dim sum, forget Disneyworld (for a second), once you reach Hong Kong, head down to this cozy sized restaurant. BFF and I spent some good minutes savoring the food in silent before coming into our senses and start blabbering about boobs, boys and books.

Get the mouth watering recipe at Two Red Bowls.

2. Snake Soup

Yes, snake.


What do you want to eat?” My local friend messaged me days before I visited Hong Kong.  Honestly, I didn’t care much about what I eat, but more of meeting her. She was a friend of a friend who become a friend to me after spending time together roaming around Hong Kong four years ago. I find her funny and interesting. Meeting her would be a treat itself; but since she asked again, I replied, “snake soup”.

A papa girl, I have a tiny obsession with doing whatever why dad has done in his hayday, including traveling and eating weird shit. Even though with octopus tentacles and sea horse I might have out weirded him, I have eaten neither snake (he drank snake blood. Ewww!) nor bat. I thought my friend reply would be something along the line: it’s seasonal or very expensive, but she texted back “Okay, we will go to Ser Wong Fun” Errr.. okay, I wasn’t complete sure about it just yet.

I landed, showered, waited for her and we went to the restaurant. Two bowls of snake soup in front of me. Here goes, I thought, and slurped the first spoon. Snake soup was good, you guys!

It tasted like umm.. shredded chicken. Snake (ticked), now where can I find a deep fried bat?

3. Crab Congee

On our last day, I n the BFF decided to give the famous Hong Kong rice porridge (congee) a try. I did some last minute research that morning and found out that there actually is a crab congee. I WANT! We headed down to the central and stopped at Wong Chi Kei.

Hong Kong Congee

It’s a big empty restaurant at 11 AM, with surprisingly very bad service. The waiter lady didn’t take the order properly despite me showing her the names of the congee we wanted. In short, I had chicken congee instead, but still, it’s worth to mention here because eaten with fried wanton, it’s heart warming-ly delicious. Made me wonder, how fantastic the crab one would have tasted? And speaking of crab, I finally got to satisfy my craving later (read below).

Ps. They are also famous in Macau.

4.  Spicy Crab

Spicy Crab Hong Kong

You have to try the spicy crab, it’s famous there“, I re-read Hulk’s whatsapp message. My two most favorite flavors combined, I MUST try this. After some BFF convincing and island crossing we reached Temple Street, Kowloon. The restaurant, Temple Street Spicy Crab, was easy to find, filled with tourists and run by a boss lady who had a no nonsense attitude expect when she tried to con us into buying two crabs instead of one. The crab was served with heavy sprinkles of garlic and dried chili. We feasted on it. The verdict: It’s different but still delicious. Later I found out that it’s best eaten with porridge, so the spices (and the tons of garlic) get to mix properly. Gwad, spicy crab porridge sound heavenly right now.

As the city with most Michelin starred restaurants in the world, Hong Kong is not lacking of tasty food. You just need to do a little research and tailor it to your palette. That said, do try the dim sum because it’s really really good.

Ps. If I was on the death row in Hong Kong, call my mom. She would know what to do next and please do so before they offer me the last meal option because I would die for that pineapple bun.

Hong Kong food bloggers I recommend: That Food Cray, Hungry HK, Sassy Hong Kong and one Singaporean blogger, Daniel Food Diary, link up with Treasure Tromp. I also highly recommend eating dim sum in Hong Kong  because well dim sum in Hong Kong is the best people. Thanks for reading my Four Things Friday. I will be back next week with more stories about Hong Kong and our first BFFs trip. Happy weekend!

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  • Oh wow, I feel SO hungry now! But…you can keep the snake…

  • These pictures are making me hungry! I love the pictures you take of food! I’m not sure I would try snake soup, so good for you for trying something outside the box! It looks good!

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