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Sydney Diary Darling Harbour

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Good Morning Sydney!

The first thing i did when i woke up today was running to the bathroom and turned on the sink tap, I wanted to know whether the water really run counter clockwise in Australia. IT DID!!

SInk Counter Clockwise

Since I was already fully awake and excited due to the experiment that would make my 5th grade science teacher proud, I decided to go out for breakfast and buy for the ones who were still sleeping. After putting layers and layers of clothing, I stepped out to Kings Cross Street.

Bald Tree

It’s winter here in Sydney, it took me sometime to realised. Yesterday night, when i reached, I thought it was fall because there was no snow. What I learnt from western TV shows is that winter = snow. Apparently winter season in Sydney = strong cold wind+bald trees.

Fibonacci Coffee has a small stall at Kings Cross ran by a friendly lady named Amanda, who helped to choose breakfast for us. A much-needed gesture for someone who hasn’t gotten her caffeine fix on a cold morning. Their tuna sandwich is a must try.

Fibonacci Coffee

Backpacker Hostel Sydney

I took my latte (my first and last in Australia) and strolled down Potts Point, Victoria Street, which looks like the It place for backpackers. Never in my life I have seen so many backpackers lodges on one road, not even in Thailand. I wonder who are these backpackers who backpack to Sydney? I also spotted few more breakfast place I want to try another time and a provision shop in the corner of the street, named Corner Shop, where I bought vegemite.

it was a beautiful day out. We roamed around the city and went to Circular Quay for lunch.

Circular Quay

CQ Cafe

I saw Sydney harbour and Opera House from faraway. I saw the lucky boar sculpture, a remake of Il Porcellino, in front of Sydney Hospital. I visited the beautiful St Mary Cathedral. You can get married there you know? But only after 7 years of the waiting list. 7 years! Maybe I should still register in the waiting list for my second marriage.

I, finally, sat at Mrs Macquarie’s (former governor’s wife) “chair“, which was on my Sydney to do list. I can see why it’s her favorite spot to look upon the harbour, it has an amazing view of the harbour. I could spend hours here, especially on a beautiful afternoon like today, when there was not a single cloud sighted.

Sydney Harbour

Macquarie Chair

We wanted to go to Paddy market, but it was closed. It’s not even 5PM yet. Places are closed so early here in Australia, no fun. We ended up walking through Chinatown and stopped for a Malaysian dinner at Malay Village. The food was good, they even have teh tarik, and it tasted original.

At night, we went to The Rocks. Such a cool neighbourhood to hang out. They have the oldest pub in Sydney, Fortune Of War. I bought postcards from the lovely little bookstore. We walked past few more shops and saw a store turned into an exhibition place. We ended up meeting the artists, twin sisters Leanne and Naomi, and discussed their awesome art, Match Box Projects. What they do is basically ask people to create an art out of a matchstick box and display it all over the world. They are now showing it in Sydney before traveling to Jakarta and later to another place. I find them really really cool! All the best, ladies.

The Match Stick Project

The Match Stick Project 2

We took the stairs down and were greeted by Sydney wind and fantastic view of Sydney Opera House at night. You guys, I got the chill when I saw it again, at night. I can’t believe I am staring at it, for real, and that we were only, ONLY, separated by Circular Harbour. The building really is an architecture wonder. It’s my Australia Eiffel Tower.

Sydney Opera House

The cold air made us rush back up. We stopped at The Rocks Café. I had a cake called, Devilish Sin, and it was devilishly good.

A cake, a flat white and a few selfies later, we decided to packed up.

4cdc889e1389b_Pictures - work 007-1


We took the train to Kings Cross station and stopped by the Bottle Store to get a $10 Moscato. $10 for a white wine? From where I come a 7-11 $20 wine is considered one of the cheapest.

The whole day walk and three glass of Moscato (easy drink) are making me tipsy. Going to bed now. See you tomorrow Sydney. I hope you enjoy this Sydney diary instalment.

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