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To Cook (or not burn my food for once)

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Weekly Wishes diddly do,

Weekly wishes is a link up series created by a sweetheart from The Nectar Collective, Melyssa, for us to commit to our goals or small chunks of it every week. We can get and give support to and receive from awesome people (and some creepy ones) online. I love this link up so much! I have always been looking forward to participate from the start of the weekend.

I didn’t do well on my last week’s goal. I wanted to apply for my visa but I have been crunching numbers twelve sometimes fourteen hours straight everyday at work. I maxed out my inner calmness to the point of calling Hulk in the middle of one night to allege him of holding onto my passport because I couldn’t find it at my place. So yeah, I didn’t have the time or energy or sanity to prepare the documents for visa application after working with endless excel sheets, BUT yesterday I managed to squeeze in an hour of Boys Before Flower. It is a famous Korean drama series, which was shot on Jeju Island. It’s about teenagers’ high school life, except here, almost everyone is filthy rich, the high school canteen looks like a five star restaurant and the female students scream whenever the four pretty boys walk into the room.

Boys Before Flower

I watched two episodes and I plan to continue, meanwhile I booked a haircut schedule once I get my salary. I am getting Jan Di’s cut. I wonder is it still trending in Korea?

This week my goal is to cook — let’s take a moment to let my real live friends laugh in the background. Are you guys done? Nope? *waiting patiently*

Yes, cooking is a normal thing we do, like laundry or typing an email, but I don’t do it. I tried to do it a few times but I ended up burning my dishes, melting my food or forgetting to put the important ingredients, so I stopped. I feed myself by eating canned foods, takeaways and occasionally self inviting myself to my friends houses during dinnertime. It’s safe to say my cooking skills are below par by looking at how many cooking utensils I have, which are zero. I do have some neat cutleries because hey, I might be eating microwaved lasagna, but I am eating it using Minnie Mouse the fork. Okay, so cooking, I was inspired by Rima from Gula & Garam when she instagramed Kao Tom Gai and later posted the recipe. I want! And she said it’s easy to make, sooooo I will *ehem* attempt to cook it or something as easy and feed myself and maybe Hulk. Wish me luck people, I really need it this time.

Do you cook? Do you consider yourself good at cooking? Did you ever have cooking as a goal/wish? Do you have an easy favorite recipe? Please share it with me.

Ciao, my excel sheet is calling. Let’s excel (pun intended) at our goals this week.

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  • YAY! I am so glad you liked the show. I literally did nothing but watch that show and work for an entire week, during which I finished the season. It is addictive!
    I cook quite a bit, luckily my mom was a good cooks so she passed it on to me! I have confidence that you can cook as well! Just make sure to take your time. Look forward to hearing how you did next week!

  • I think this is a great goal that you’ve set for yourself! I used to never cook at home, then about a year ago I really got into and slowly started cooking most of my meals at home. Lately though, I’ve fallen off the bandwagon- I need to get back on! I haven’t tried this recipe yet but it looks pretty simple- you basically throw everything in a pot and call it a day! http://www.apronstringsblog.com/one-pot-wonder-tomato-basil-pasta-recipe/?fb_source=pubv1

  • Rima Sagala

    oh haaaaaay. thanks for the shout-out. hohoho *insert silly japanese anime face here* No seriously, it is easy to make. It’s pretty much letting your rice get overcooked in chicken broth. Since I got back from Thailand, I’ve been making them at least once a week and have them for 3 days in a row. Especially now Autumn is kickin’ in with them wind, Kao Tom Gai sounds good right now. Damn.

    And nooooooo now you’re making me wanna check out this K-Drama that I’m trying to avoid (because I know they are hella addicting). Now lend me the link to it 😉

  • Hi, I found your blog in The Nectar Collective’s Weekly Wishes link up!
    I love Korean drama! I watched Boys Before Flowers, but I don’t like it that much to be honest, since Jan Di is a bit annoying I think… Anyway, how do you like it so far?
    Zia from bitsofgermany.com

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