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What To Do If Your Comfort Food is 561 Miles Away?

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Last week, Che shared a story about comfort food. About how she forgot what’s hers and was told by her sister that it got to be Indomie, the mega comforting (especially during rainy days) Indonesian instant noodle.

Chicken rice

And I asked myself, what’s my comfort food? It didn’t take long to realize it’s chicken rice, Singapore style. I have eaten it regularly ever since I moved to Singapore almost a decade ago. I found out about its’ “power” on a very badly hung over afternoon after a crazy-too-ashamed-to-share-the-details-here night. It helped immediately. From that day onwards I declared it as the best cure for the hangover.

Chicken rice is also my choice on sick days as it’s gentle enough for my taste bud and stomach, which have been so used to curry and spices. It’s also nice to be eaten on a rainy day, in the morning or even as a supper. We can also da boa it to be eaten later as they pack the gravy (chicken broth soup) and the garlic chili condiment separately. Oh man, my mouth is watering remembering the taste of the garlic chili sauce.

The best part about Singapore chicken rice is that you can get it almost everywhere and the price starts at as cheap as $1.

You can get either chicken or duck, prepared either roasted or steamed and with or without bones. My preference: chicken, roasted, wings with vegetable sides.

I have countless chicken rice in Singapore, here of my favorites are:

  • Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice – Tanjong Katong Shopping Center Food Court – It’s located in a small food court where there is always a long, but fast moving, queue. This is the best tasting chicken rice I have eaten and I was lucky enough to work in a building opposite to the place for the entire 2010 and 2011.
  • Boon Tong Kee – branches all over the city – a fancy looking restaurant with an impeccable service where you can get a plate of chicken rice for $5. What’s not to like?
  • Chicken Rice at Lau Pa Sat – Lau Pa Sat Food Court – If you are visiting Singapore for a short term, it’s very likely that you will skip above places since it’s not as famous as Lau Pa Sat in the eyes of the world. I say do go for it because it’s delicious enough for a Singapore authentic meal experience.
  • Or if you refuse to eat anything but the best, you can check this complete list. The Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice was mentioned as #9.

My only issue with chicken rice is that we are separated by the big ocean. So to answer the question what should we do if our comfort food is hundreds miles away? Well, we can cook it, the many chicken rice recipes are just a click away, we can train our tongue and heart to find comfort in something else, or we can wait until the next time we are reunited.

In my case, I will wait.. for two more days as I am going to be in Singapore to celebrate Chinese New Year. Plates and plates of chicken rice, here I come!

Have you eaten a chicken rice before? Btw, how about you, what’s your comfort food?

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  • Have fun in singapore for the Lunar New Year! I think my comfort food is mac and cheese. Oh so good!

  • Oh wow that looks SO yummy!!! I want to see all the photos from your trip!

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