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4 Alternatives to Coffee Auckland

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Alternatives to Coffee in Auckland

Unlike when we were in Australia, even though the weather was considerably colder, I didn’t crave much for a cup of jo in Auckland. Instead, I kept asking for the alternatives while Hulk tried various types of caffeine. No, this wasn’t a complain. I had the best times satisfying my sweet tooth. Among our pit stops, I want to share with you my favorite ones. I had:

1. Honey+Lemon+Ginger at Remedy Coffee

Remedy Coffee Auckland

The Central Perk of Auckland. This little coffee shop was an awesome find tucked in the CBD area. It has everything required for a perfect coffee shop; coziness, interesting crowd, decent menu, friendly staff, lots of books and games, sofa, window seats and outdoor seating. If I was an expat, working as a sheep photographer, and living in Auckland, you could definitely find me here at least three times a week, with my own sets of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

When you visit Remedy please participate in their #mirrorselfie challenge. It’s a lot of fun and only a little embarrassing.

2. Chocolate Chip dunked into Milk at Moustache

Moustache Auckland

Tell me, when was the last time you had a chocolate chip dunked into a bowl of milk? My guess, it must have been a long time ago. Me? I had it for the first time in my life here!

When I was young, Mama Geek showed me how to do it, but I found it yucky. Even after seeing all those OREO types of ad on TV, I was never tempted. So when we came here after reading a gazillion of it, I only ordered a hot cocoa while Hulk ordered it. He offered me to try. Knowing he wouldn’t stop before I did, I figured I’d bit the bullet and had a small bite. OMG!! The cookie was crunchy with lots of warm gooey chocolate chips and the milk was cold. It was an ORGASMIC combination. No other way to describe it. We then proceed to order two more cookies and came back the next day and the next day after that.

3. Haute Ice Cream at Giapo


Walking up and down Queen streets for the hundredth times, we kept seeing a crowd in front of Giapo, the haute ice cream parlor. It was a cold day, I wasn’t sure I wanted to eat ice cream, but that was only before I saw two girls walking pass us while carrying gold ice cream in cups. I went in immediately (yes, I am very easily attracted by shiny stuff). Before this, whenever I saw the word haute in the magazine or TV, I’d flip the paper or change the channel because I found the word, well, pretentious. But after having the gold ice cream, I had to admit that I was being prejudiced.

4. It’s 5pm somewhere Wine at Imperial Lane

Imperial Lane

We found Imperial Lane by mistake. It was a late night (late night in Auckland means 8pm) and we heard music coming from a dark alley. When we approached it, there were a few groups of people sitting in a dimly lighted garage. A mafias meet up place in New Zealand? Naaah, it couldn’t be. We got closer and we saw a stall and coffee machines. Also, there was a B&W movie screened on the wall. It was a bar. We ordered our drinks of choice and stayed up the whole night (10pm Auckland time). The next day we walked pass that area again, this time we saw the board (above pic). Hulk was intrigued by “the best coffee in town” coffee, while I ordered a generous glass of wine because it’s 5 pm somewhere no?

How about you, what’s your favorite drink other than coffee? When you visit Auckland do stop by at these joints for yummy fix. I promise you will like it. Cheers Clink or whatever it is that people say when they eat dessert together. Thank you for reading.

Pretty Mayhem

Ps. Don’t put too much emphasis on online reviewers. We spent a good hour to find cafe Melba in between small lanes on Victoria street. The waitress was nice (as reviewed) but I didn’t see the IT factor of this place. It’s just a regular joe type of coffee shop. We should have gone to Moustache for the fourth time instead. Enjoy alternatives of coffee Auckland.

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