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To Follow Coco Chanel’s Advice

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Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory” – Coco Chanel.

There is an episode of one my favorite TV series where the characters took up a challenge to wear everything in their closet. I wanna say it’s from F.R.I.E.N.D.S., but I am not sure (time for another F.R.I.E.N.D.S. marathon I guess).

This week, I’m going to challenge myself in the same way.

I plan to move to another country next year and another country the year after that. In a span of two years, I have to pack and unpack my life belongings a few times, so I am limiting myself with two big luggages. Lucky for me, I don’t have that many clothes to begin with; work clothes, one pair of jeans, two skirts, a few tees with cat pictures on it and a shameful number of PJs.

My issue here is that I love accessories. I like them loud, I like them dainty; I like them plastic, I like them glittery; I like them on top of my head, I like them on my feet. I have three boxes full of it and as much as I like it, I don’t wear some of it. Although it will only take a small space in my luggage, but I don’t see the point of dragging it thousand miles away just to let it sit in the box, again.

Soooo my weekly wish this to week (and month) is to wear each one of them every day, to keep the ones I like and to give away the ones I don’t at the end of it.

I have a feeling I will enjoy this goal.

Here is a shot of the first one, which I wore to work today. It’s a Benares necklace, a gift from Hulk, and I am keeping it because I love it.

Benares Necklace

Do you do similar “cleanup” as well? I bet most of us do. I would love to hear your experience. If you got tips, share me some! For you who has never done it before, join the fun! Link up your Weekly Wishes and let’s do it together! And tell me how do you feel afterwards? Also, don’t forget to show me your favorite piece; you can tag me on Instagram @foreigngeek.

Here’s to us for rocking fabulous accessories and quoting Coco Chanel.

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  • Shannon Johnson

    That is such a great weekly wish! I love accessories too and have a whole chest-ful of them that never get worn! They always make me feel better too!

  • i’m doing a cleanup right now! 🙂 well i started something called the 100 days of less where you don’t shop for anything.. and as part of that i’m trying to declutter all areas of my life.. starting with my closet! i’m doing the turn all your hangers backwards trick to see what i actually wear. i’m trying to wear more of my clothes now.. 😛 i think it was a friend’s episode where they did that!

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