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Link Love : CNY Edition

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Go Xi Fa Chai loves!

Starbucks Beijing

I’m celebrating Chinese New Year with a billion of them. I got ready and stepped out in the morning today only to be greeted by closed sign at a nearby coffee shop I have grown to love so I went back to the hotel, watched the last three episodes of Homeland before the hunger pangs came. I walked nearly five blocks to find everything was closed expect for a dodgy looking lingerie store. The urge to buy a red dragon bra can strike anytime, I get it. I almost walked back when I saw the familiar tiara wearing mermaid and someone inside who has seeked asylum before me. Starbucks, they give you food when none else would.

We are entering horse year today, you guys. Horse is a symbol of success and good things here, in the East. I believe we are looking at a year worth to celebrate. So do the Chinese, there are so many horse knick-knacks everywhere and I have been hearing firecrackers since yesterday night until just now.

I say we celebrate it too! Let me share some writings worth to celebrate this month:

Rachel shared some of the best tips to improve digital photography. I have been using the rule of thirds on some of my Jeju island scenic pics.

A woman had been eating nothing but Starbucks for a year. I find this fascinating! I could never do it as I need curry in my weekly menu but I could definitely do with drinking only Starbucks. All those lattes.. Yumm!! (I just checked their counter, they have mineral water, phew).

This month I have been staying at four hostels and it all started from a sleepover at Bunc @ Radius.

I am not into music much, my love interests have always influenced the type of music I listen throughout the time so when my BFF sent me A Love Life As Told Through One Woman’s Closet article, I could relate. Though I think she had much better style and suitors that I did.

I had been spot-lighted on one of my favorite blog, To The Sea.

Meet Ryan. I got to know him on Instagram when we both were at Koh Phi Phi. At first I thought he was just an ordinary dude but oh how wrong I was. The man is inspiring.

Actually there are a few more links to be shared but I couldn’t access it. Maybe it’s blocked here. I will keep it for next time so that’s all for now.

I am celebrating today by ordering a second cup venti of Peach Blossom Tea Latte. Happy Horse Year peeps. I wish you happiness and prosperity to you all the way from China. Eh speaking of which, I have a giveaway from China for you! Come back here soon to check it out.

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