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Creating Our Own Christmas Tradition

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Since I would be flying home for Christmas, the girls decide to celebrate early this year, my friends are the best !! This time Ting was the host, I met her at the supermarket after work to collect a huge turkey in a box and carried it home with her. Once we reached home we contemplated on how to put the huge turkey into the small oven (we found a way). Vi came a little later and started to prepare 3 course meals all by herself while I and Ting tried to force stuffing as much as we could  into the cold turkey ass. Yin came the last and started her task, to take pictures.

Turkey in the oven, delicious smell from the cooking and Christmas songs were playing in the background. This was my first time being involved in Christmas dinner preparation and i really enjoyed it.

Christmas Dinner

We set the table and once the oven made “ding” sound, dinner was served. A mixed of Chinese and Western cuisine, the food was exquisite.


The red colored drink in the picture was not an ordinary wine like the ones we used to buy from 7-11. Ting bought it for us from Germany. it’s called Glühwein, a red wine with added ingredients. Best served hot, it’s the traditional Germany holiday season drink. It tasted so good, you ought to try !! I found a homemade recipe (thank you for sharing).

We polished off dinner and continued with the dessert, cheese cake (writing about it made me craving for it).

Like the last year, we also exchanged gift this Christmas. I got a miniature music store from Vi and a movie card from Yin. I made them each a personalised picture with frame and they really liked it. After the gift exchange, we took Christmas pictures in our PJs and watched some TV, discussed about boys and slept off.

The next day, unfortunately, was a working day. I woke up first and got ready while Vi made us a turkey sandwich for breakfast and coffee/tea. To be served tasty breakfast in the early morning? I feel loved.

Home cooked meal and sleep over with friends was fun. We vowed to do it again next Christmas and make it as our own tradition. This reminded me of the time when i was still living in my parents house, my friends would come and stay over or me at theirs. Maybe next year i will be the one who invites them to my place. Yes, i would love that.

Christmas Tree

Merry Xmas everyone, i hope you had a good one. Did you celebrate your Christmas with your friends too?

All the pictures in this posting were taken by Yin, thank you very much.

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