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Our First Chinese New Year in Singapore

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Last weekend we went to Singapore for a cousins gateway. Coincidentally, it was during Lunar/Chinese New Year. As you know, I am not one to skip any sort of celebration, so we declared it as CNY (Cousins New Year) vacay and planned to do it annually (next year it’s going to be Australia. Again.)

I thought this was my third time celebrating Lunar New Year in Singapore. I was wrong, it’s my first time. Yes, 8 years of living in Singapore, I had never celebrated it here. Eeep! And to be completely honest, I didn’t plan to go Chinatown on that day, I had a major headache and I planned to go back to hotel after scoring the Chinese Zodiac stamp collection from Esplanade. But my cousin called and asked to have dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant there, called Old Yang Kee. Knowing how yummy their green chili pork was, I’d be a fool if I didn’t agree to it.

I am so glad that she asked to meet her there. Chinatown looked lively and colorful; buzzing with auspicious energy and all sorts of nationality. Temple Street have been closed for Lunar New Year bazaar for a couple of days. A row of the small shops were open on each side of the street, selling things which either you might need for or attract good luck for the new year.

Chinese New Year Monkey Balloon

^^ The best decor item on this Lunar New Year: Monkey balloon to represent the year of the Monkey. I got one for myself the night before. Unfortunately, it flew away before I got the chance to name it/her. I chose to believe that it’s a good luck to have your Monkey balloon fly away, a symbol that all your wishes and dreams reach the stars.

Chinatown trinkets

^^ For extra luck in life/love/career/health/wealth. Name your “problem” there’s something to “fix” it.

small plants

^^ Latest plastic decor trend in Singapore. Pretty cute, eh? Especially the rainbow touch. I’d get one and put it on my cubicle if I was still working there.

Chinese New Year candies

^^ This candy’s my cousin’s favorite. She said she could only get it in Chinatown during Chinese New Year, so I got her and myself one each.

2016 Year of Monkey

Chinese New Year

^^ Bamboo tree, mandarin orange, the number 8 and pineapple are good luck symbols. 2 for $6 was a cheap bargain to bring a good luck into your life. Don’t you agree?

Chinatown kue

^^ Any celebration in Singapore is incomplete without some kuih, aka local biscuits, in transparent jars.

Chinatown crowd

^^ All types of people participated in the Lunar New Year celebration in Chinatown, but not everyone was thrilled to be photographed by a random girl, like the death stare guy above.

Chinese firecrackers

^^ An interesting sight since firecrackers’ practically banned in Singapore.

Flower bouquet

^^ Prayer flowers, I assumed. Unless they changed the tradition and forgot to inform me.

Chinatown candies

^^ Prayer candies. No, not really. These candies were to be shared with the loved ones as a symbol of sharing all the sweet (good) things in life.


You know what I love the most about Chinatown during Lunar New Year? All the shiny trinkets.

Chinese snacks

2016 Chinese New Year in Singapore

The Chinatown main street path, the ground zero, was fully decorated to resemble a well lit forest. Filled with happy looking monkeys and peaches (another symbol of good luck). The whole thing was really cute, attracting thousands of people, to the street.

My first celebration of Chinese New Year in Singapore went auspiciously. Well done, Lion City! Till we meet again next time! Maybe for the next Lunar New Year?

Do you celebrate Lunar New Year? Have you ever celebrated Chinese New Year in Singapore? What did you do for this year’s celebration? I also want to wish you another round of 2016 filled with happiness and blessings.

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  • I’ve rarely been in an Asian country during the Lunar New Year despite celebrating it. But I remember there being a lot of food! This looks amazing! I hope you had a good new year 🙂

    • Foreign Geek

      Thank you Michelle. Yes, plenty of food is always a good way to start the new year 🙂

  • This looks awesome, Nana! I’ve never celebrated Lunar New Year and I hope I’ll get a chance sometime (relatively) soon. Festivities are everything! *_*

    • Foreign Geek

      Any excuse to celebrate amirite?! Now you got me all excited, when and where are you planning to celebrate the next Lunar New Year?? Share!

  • I love those tiny gardens!! I’d love one for my work desk.

    • Foreign Geek

      Yeah right? I am thinking to get it myself 🙂

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