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A Sneak Peek to Changi Airport Singapore

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“Are you coming or going?” // “I don’t know. Both.” – The Terminal.

Of all the airports I have been to, Changi Airport remains most favorite. And Singapore being the hub of South East Asia, it’s also my most frequented airport. I recently realized, although I have written plenty of times when I was at it, I have never written about Changi Airport itself. So I decided to take some pictures of the airport the last time I was in Singapore and share it here for my airport loving readers.

This was the departure gate of Terminal 2. It’s always decorated seasonally; this time it was monkeys in celebration of the Lunar New Year.

Changi AIrport Boarding Pass

Speaking of airport loving souls, sadly I am not one of you. I loathe airport, immigration, visa and plane rides in general. Those things are the necessary evils to my short (sometimes longer) term happiness. Fortunately, Changi Airport is convenient and efficiently operated, which put my flying related grumpiness in check.

Changi Airport

In many ways, Changi Airport feels like a huge mall. It’s actually better than most of the malls I have been to.

Changi Airport Plants

Changi Airport Kids

Each terminal has its own attractions, from the butterfly park to a movie theater. Terminal 2 features a Koi pond and kids’ art section.

Relax Changi bookstore

Airport bookstore usually is my first stop at any airport after passing the immigration. It is where I stock up my Oprah, UK Glamour and teen magazines.

Changi AIrport Chinese New Year

Changi Airport constantly finds ways to enriching visitors’ airport experience with things that represent Singapore. Last time, when Kai Kai and Jia Jia first came to Singapore, there was a rainforest stall that sold all things panda. It was so damn cute. This time, there were fortune God and red robed monkey walking around and giving away gold coin chocolates.

Changi AIrport e-postage

We’d never get bored at Changi Airport. They kept adding interactive spots in it. Changi Airport has the Social Tree in Terminal 1 and this e-postcard corner in Terminal 2. Though it’s as basic as it looked; take a picture which would show on the screen, it’s a fun thing to spend our idle time on.

Changi Airport Vending Machine

The vending machines were another new addition at the airport. One of it was pretty unusual, it’s called Travel Essentials/Surprise. It sold travel necessities including a lock, Changi Airport postcard and toiletries. The interesting part of it was of course the surprise option.

We paid $2 and pressed surprise. A shower cap came out. Unsatisfied with the result, we did it again. Another shower cap came out. Damn! We were hoping for a round trip ticket to Europe. It also had an option to donate to charity. This vending machine is definitely going on my Vending Machines Around the World (VMAW) post.

Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2

Longchamp PÉNÉLOPE tote

With all great things Changi Airport has to offer, it’s also a land mine for my wallet. I feel emotionally less guarded during my travels, especially in the airport. I am either in my pre-travel high or post-travel depression, both resulted in impulse buying.

Me and everyone who had traveled together with me, had bought something from the Duty Free Shop, be it a Pandora charm or a MacBook. But I can’t honestly say that I feel guilty for it. At times, even with time constraints, I score a good bargain there. The latest one being Bobbi Brown’s Burn Red lipstick, it’s 25% cheaper than the price in town and I feel fabulous rocking it.

Changi Airport Singapore Airlines

We can see our plane from the ceiling to floor glass windows in the waiting lounges.


Not only for that, Changi Airport waiting room is amazing for plenty of reasons. It’s huge, with lots of charging stations, TV, phone with free local call, drinking water and a computer with fast internet access. If I have ever stranded in the airport ala Tom Hanks in The Terminal, dear God, let it be at Changi Airport.


That’s all for today’s sneak peek of Changi Airport Singapore. Do you enjoy this sneak peek? Let me know and I will think of other sneak peek to share with you soon.

Have you been to Changi Airport? Do you like airport in general? Which airport in the world do you like the most?

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