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Window Shopping for Cat The Furry Roomates

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Have you ever been to a cat cafe before? I have been wanting, dreaming, obsessing over going to a cat cafe since I knew such a magical happy place exists outside of Disneyland. I so wanted to go in when we walked by a few of it in Korea, but due to one thing or another we had to skip it first and ended up not going to any there. Boo 🙁

Cat Cafe Imagine my delight when I found out that we have a cat cafe in my neighborhood. Well, not neighborhood neighborhood, but the fact that I don’t need to take a plane to reach there was good enough to make me jump up and down and wanting to go there immediately, but it was past midnight when I read about it and the cats must have been sleeping Hulk said. I can wait. For a few hours.

The next day, I wore my Sunday best, packed my camera and went there.

The cat cafe, Neko No Niwa, is located on the second floor of a shop house in Boat Quay, one of the drinking quarters of Singapore. I wonder whether there is an untapped middle-aged cat-loving drunken-guys market niche out there?

Uber Cute Cat

I took my shoes off, washed my hands, paid $12 and went to heaven. They were all so cute, fluffy and definitely with an attitude. The cafe itself was cozy and well designed. My only problem was that my heaven was filled with other people who have been playing with the cats before I came. It felt rude to break their bonding moments so I let them be.

I waited until one of the cats was free to be loved [crazy cat lady alert] and went to them. I petted them and tried to make a conversation with the cats. ALL OF THEM ignored me. I tried again, using my mind, this time some of them walked away. I even contemplated to sneak one out, Baloo, the fluffiest one, but Hulk refused to cooperate. He said I should get my own instead of trying to steal pets from everywhere.

Soft Kitty

^ Stare down contest with Little Miss Muffet. She won.

At the end I talked to the owner of the cafe, Sam, who seemed to be more in love with these felines than I was. He told me that all the cats are adopted, and how they have been getting better with care and love. He has also been trying to teach them tricks and to be comfortable with humans. Sweet guy, he deserves the cats and the cats deserve him.

My one-hour was up, A 60 minutes of constant happiness. We decided to go to let the younger crowd to play with them.

Sam asked me to come over again on a weekday night, the cats are in a different mood and it would be less crowded he said. That would be great. Less crowd = I’m the queen of the cats. I will be heading there again this week.

Cute Cat

Do you have a pet cat? I am JEALOUS of you! But still, tell me about them. Keep meow-ing!

Linking up with Nicole of Treasure Tromp.

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  • Mar

    I think a cat cafe would be a bad idea for me. I would want to bring them all home!

    • Foreign Geek

      I know exactly how u feel! Thanks for stopping by Mar <3

  • I have a kitty! She is quite sassy her name is Eva. I’d LOVE to go to a cat cafe, it sounds so fun, and how awesome they were all adopted

  • OMG! I would love to go to a cat cafe!!

  • My friends and I are planning to go to a cat cafe next week, but not this one, there’s another one in Bugis which doesn’t charge by the hour.

  • I have a pet cat named Oskar that I adopted from the streets. He is currently taking up the entire couch. I also just found out that there is a newly opened cat cafe in Vilnius that I cannot wait to visit. I didn’t know that you need to pay money to enter.

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