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Cakemoon: Move Over Honeymoon, You are Outdated!

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Lady Mary Honeymoon

Honeymoon has been on my radar for a while now. From my niece’s chronological update of her honeymoon on Facebook to a notification of where my ex went for his. Yesterday, I brought up the topic with Hulk. I told him how more and more people I know opt out having a honeymoon (other than those two in my Facebook). And how is it that for some, it is not even because of financial or time restrictions. They just don’t continue their weddings with a honeymoon. It made me wonder why?

Honeymoon has been around for half a millennium. Traditionally it is a custom of a newlywed couple going on a holiday together right after their wedding to share moments that help establish a love in their new life chapter. These days, it’s celebrated in destinations considered exotic and/or romantic (wikipedia).

I understand the initial reasons behind it, but these days it’s kind of out of the point, because many of us travel with our partners even before marriage, to exotic places nevertheless. A friend of mine once tweeted: “If you want to know someone’s characters, work with them”. For me it rings true when it comes to travel, if you want to know whether you can live with someone, travel with them. Travel strips you bare and kicks you out of your comfort zone. You have to depend more on your basic instincts. It shows your partner the real you. In my case, I value practicality over comfort/attractiveness/intimacy when I brought paper panties for a two weeks holiday.

So if we do that in regular basis, and sometimes with different partners (break up happens), is there any magic in honeymoon anymore?

Olivia Jake Beach Scandal

Maybe we should create a new term, cakemoon. When you travel with your new-ish partners for the first time, no matter how long you been together (if you ask me, wait for a while, see if there is any signs of them being a serial killer). Cakemoon will help you to see whether you can live with them in a long run, happily. It might be more important than honeymoon because it has the power to prevent you from making a lifetime worth of mistakes, aka marrying the wrong person. Geee, it feels like I am encouraging you to live in sins. That being said, I don’t condemn honeymoon at all. Honeymoon still is important for me, because well, any excuse to travel.

How about you? Did or are you planning to go on a honeymoon? Is it important to you?

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  • Hi NaNa! Been reading your blog for a while but probably never commented until now : )

    Honeymoons being on the decline is an interesting idea. I agree with what you said- nowadays many people are already living/traveling with their partners and while that post-wedding time alone is still nice, it’s perhaps no longer needed to cement the bond of coupledom like it used to. I’m 31 and can’t even recall any of my married friends talking about their honeymoons… not sure if they had one or not.

    For me, a wedding has never been an exciting idea but I always imagined a long, exotic honeymoon overseas (we’re talking months, not weeks!). Although I’d still prefer to skip the ceremony and go straight to the romantic getaway, my boyfriend and I are now talking about getting married and a honeymoon seems like a financially unreachable idea. We’ve traveled a lot together and lived together for years so in a way I guess we already had a long, exotic pre-honeymoon (cakemoon?) of sorts. But yeah, I’ll still take any excuse possible to travel : )

    • Foreign Geek

      Hi Kate, thanks for reading my blog 🙂 I have the same idea with you, to skip the ceremony and use the money to tavel somewhere instead. We have this dream to backpack through Europe for half year. Not sure how visible is the idea though. I can see my mama screaming “NO WAY, ARE YOU CRAZY!” before we finish the explanation.

  • Rima Sagala

    Super interesting topic. I have my friends and coworkers asking me, “So since you’ve been traveling a lot, once you’re married to Pillow, where are you going for your Honeymoon?” And that really made me think because seriously, I have no idea. I never brought up that idea to Pillow so probably it’s something to talk about. Hahaha… but since I will be moving to Switzerland next year, I would be probably be too busy to think about honeymoons post moving. I think for me now is that as long as I can have quiet time together with the Boo, I can consider that as a honeymoon, where ever we will be. 2 of my bffs are married, and one just celebrated her 5th year anniversary and FINALLY had their honeymoon in Montreal. Hahaha… sometimes life just gets to you!

    • Foreign Geek

      Rim I still can’t believe that you are moving to Switzerland! Kae di film2 man! I do agree about the alone time together. Hulk and I are thinking about Turkey as the destinantion, but at the end wherever we travel, I’ll be happy with it. Kalau udah ngomongin ma Pillow, do share with me, I am curious!

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