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Pondering: In The Bus To Ipoh

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Me and two of my colleagues decided to go on a short trip to Ipoh, Malaysia. There wasn’t any grand reason behind it, only random ones like dim sum, old town and one last trip before we quit working at the company. One day, we walked across the road and bought the bus tickets. The next day we stood on the same spot at midnight, waiting for the bus to ipoh.

Here were my thoughts recorded while crossing Malaysia highways on iPhone’s note:

  • My colleague is sleeping beside me, leaving me alone with my thoughts. I like it better this way though. To be left alone in my own thoughts. I’m always in a constant rush to check something, to google a fact, to hit publish, it’s nice to just ponder.
  • We are crossing a very long bridge, dark water below us and it looks beautiful, as beautiful as a blue or green colored sea.
  • I wonder what would Maria Antionnete thoughts be about macaroons?
  • I got reminded of the missing Malaysian Airlines plane, hoping and rooting they are fine somewhere. I wish to always remember to tell my ‘I love you’s before it’s too late, so I send a $1 SMS to Hulk.
  • I am missing my PJs. I have been wearing my office clothes since yesterday morning and I am starting to feel suffocated. I need to take it off! Maybe I can change in the dark?
  • It’s pitch dark anyways.
  • But then I think better not. We are sitting near the sleeping driver (the bus has two drivers) and I don’t want to disturb his sleep with a suggestive way.
  • All those memorable stories about overnight travels. Could this be one of it?
  • I sleep better during long road trips.
  • The last time I took a bus to to Malaysia was with my BFF. To visit her relatives, I had no reason to come, but I tagged along anyway and we had a great time as usual.
  • Or the one before that which was a school trip to Melaka.
  • Coco Chanel. I’m obsessed with her.
  • I have an unpleasant sleeping face.
  • I’m thinking how nice school time was. I remember my first overnight bus ride was also on a school trip to Yogyakarta and there too I had a great time, but that time I don’t know yet, because that time I was a rebellious teenager who was looking for my place in the world or in short I was an ungrateful kid.
  • It’s cold. I wish I had worn a warmer underwear or a heated one. They have those now.
  • The driver guy drives way too fast.
  • I can’t keep up with my thoughts, it’s 3 o’clock in the morning, I am sleepy.
  • I’m thinking of God. I think he is there, watching us on this trip with every light from the street lamp that we passed by.

I do realize this post is so random, but memories my friends. Memories. Have you ever recorded your random thoughts while on the road?

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