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Singapore Staycation : bunc Hostel

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Bunc Hostel

A couple years ago Fia threw a Christmas/slumber party, and we decided to make it a tradition. I wanted to do it the next time but we weren’t together for Christmas as I was away. We celebrated it a few days later over a Thai steamboat dinner and gift exchange. The problem was that my current place was too small to host a sleepover for four grownups, what with two weeks worth of laundry and owning only one single sized mattress. Around the same time I got an invitation for a staycation in bunc @ Radius from Janice. I jumped out of joy, cheered and hugged her. No, I didn’t, but it did take me less than five minutes to check with the besties and accept the perfect timing offer.

On said the weekend, we packed our toiletries, games and snacks and head down to 15 Upper Weld Road, Little India. For some reasons, I never stayed in a hostel before, mainly because I was worried to share my personal space with the many types of crazies out there; so I came with no expectation, but I should have. I should have come with some expectations because hostels rock. At least this one does!

The hostel has a minimalist decor, mostly in gray, white and black colors and the whole place smell nice. There are lounge areas, games/movie room, decks, MacBooks near the entrance,  and cooking area. There are three floors, and we stayed at ladies only floor. Janice showed us to our room, and I did a happy dance in my head because again it’s really NICE. The beds are protected with extra sheet, the sheets are clean, there are writing table and lockers.

First thing we did? We played Vi’s board game called The Settlers of Catan. It has villages, road, sheep, famine, and soldiers. It required heavy thinking, If you are wondering what were I doing with the heavy thinking game, I wonder about that as well. Until now. But seriously, the game was fun. We discovered new rules and gang up with others during difficult times. It was definitely better than monopoly, trust me!

We played until very late and decided to go out for some time.

bunc hostel wall

The hostel hosts different activities each day (check out their bulletin wall, my most favorite part of the hostel) and on Saturdays it was a pub-crawling of a few bars in Singapore with discounted prices for entry and drinks. We contemplated for a while to join but decided not to, we were on lazy mode. Instead, we went for dinner. Since  bunc @ Radius is located right in the middle of the city we had many options, we could go to Bugis, Little India or Dhoby Ghaut. It was raining, and we were lazy to walk, so we went to Usman, one of my fave restaurants at Little India. Feeling full by extra servings of Keema and Naan we walked back.

Back at the hostel, we took showers. The communal shower area was so clean! Cleaner than my dorm communal shower was; with a dressing area, huge enough for the vanity in us, a couple of chairs and hair dryers! At times even hotels don’t have hair dryers! I know, I checked, way too many times.

We changed into our PJs, and so the slumber party began! We started with a pillow fight and worked our way towards.. We played charade and later got cozy under the duvets and talked, mostly about politics (?), until.. dawn, almost dawn? I am not sure.

Sleeping Geek

When I woke up it, as usual, it took me some time to realize this wasn’t my place, and I was sleeping on a bunk bed. I saw Fia was still sleeping, I smiled and took an extra snooze myself.

When we finally woke up, like reaaaaally woke up, we went down to eat our FREE breakfast (this was the first time I heard hostel with free breakfast). We again chatted our hours away when finally the sleepy head Yin joined us.

It was almost noon when we got ready, returned our towels and bid a “goodbye.. See you again!” to bunc @ Radius.

It was a fabulous staycation. Four of us sharing a room definitely was cheaper than staying at the hotel. I wish I could say I was the genius who came up with the idea hosting a sleepover party at a hostel instead of a hotel, but it was all Janice, Thanks Janice. I will be the genius who will be hostel-hoping from now on. I also want to thank my besties who left their wife-ing, baking and painting to spend a night together, just like the old times eh girls?

I am linking up with Bonnie’s Travel Tuesday — Thanks for reading. Do check out bunc @ Radius and book it for your next trip to Singapore (enjoyment guaranteed).


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  • I love staying in hostels and I’m glad that your first stay went off without a hitch! Also, the Settlers of Catan is crazy addictive….I can’t even handle when people start messing with my longest roads ever.

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  • didi

    I am from Indonesia, I first stayed at the hostel bunc with friends university, I plan want to go there again, along with 15 of my friends, if there is a vehicle that can pick us up from the airport to go to this hostel buch, and his charges how

    • Foreign Geek

      Hi Didi. I don’t think the hostel provide pick up service but you can check with them directly. Btw, you can always take train (MRT) from the airport to the nearest train station, I am guessing it’s still Little India (purple line), but then again, better to check with the hostel. Happy travel!

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