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Life Update: Singapore, Bruce Jenner, Snapchat and Flirting in French

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Hi internet people, I am back! I have been off of the blogging world for almost a month and it feels good (while it lasted). I planned to stay off the blog for the rest of the month (just another day more), but I am in the airport now. I decided to continue the tradition of writing to you while being alone in the airport. Speaking of which, does it count as solo traveling if half of your best friends are waiting for you on the other side of the world?

First and most importantly, I want to ask you to help give to the Nepal earthquake relief. You can donate money, go there, pray and send positive vibes. If you are donating money, God bless your heart and pocket, there are many reputable charity organizations, pick one and send your shoe budget money. I did through Global Giving. I have been reading the news on this unfortunate event, but what struck me the most is the act of humanity; how people, from all over the world, doing their part to help others who are essentially strangers. Salute to them.

Now, let’s see what’s new with me?

Most probably I will be in the flight when you read this as I am flying to Singapore for the weekend to hang out with my ex-colleagues, Hulk and my best friend, in three separate occasions. This is going to be the last time I visit Singapore, at least for some time, and I want to do right by it, which means getting drunk in Clarke Quay, eat at my regular Chinese restaurant in Chinatown, getting drunk at Arab Street, have six Tim Hoa BBQ pork bun and getting drunk at Holland Village. In short, I will be back to Jakarta fatter and with a permanent hangover.

I moved to a new job, after working for less than two months on the old job. It happened unexpectedly, I went for the interview out of courtesy, thinking that I wouldn’t accept their offer because I loved the current job. I changed my mind during last minutes of the interview, because of something the boss said. Anyways, now I start work one hour early and leave work two hours late. Do I regret my decision? Heck no, I LOVE the new job!

I got myself an Elcamino bracelet! I have been wanting it ever since I saw Brenna wore it more than a year ago. I finally ordered one to celebrate my new job. Actually, I will make any excuse to celebrate and use any celebration as an excuse to shop. Back to the bracelet, I LOVE it. I got it in black, also Australia region (life goal) and a customized Foreign Geek Gone Traveling charm. I have been wearing it almost every day, including now.

I have bangs now! On good days, when I have extra time to blow dry and straighten it, I am glad for it, it makes me look..almost cute. On hectic days or the many days I choose the snooze button over the straightener, I curse myself for getting it. If you want to see it or more I-woke-up-looking-like-this* pictures of me (*this = hell), add me on snapchat: ForeignGeek.

I am also taking French. Again. It has been for some time now and I plan to stick with it until at least I can flirt in French, but for now I can only introduce my name and email address which includes arobase, tiretbas and puang. Even though our professeur is a strict lady, instead of a cute French guy like last time, I do enjoy going to the class, mainly because of my hilarious classmates, who constantly make me laugh, even before we are asked to repeat words in French.

I will be traveling again next month. Wheee me! To Dubai. I am not sure to count it as a new place or not, since I have been there, though only to the airport. But I have waited for the transit flight for so many hours and cried in public (both incidents were not related) that I feel like I have been to Dubai. You know what, it doesn’t matter much because I am going to Dubai!

Lastly, some pop culture opinions:

* I don’t care much about Mer and Der drama. I have experienced my biggest Grey’s Anatomy lose when Denny Duquette Jr passed away many seasons ago, so this time when it happened to MerDer, well.. let’s just say I didn’t have the compulsion to tweet my crying face and share it on the internet.

* I never ever wanna be a basic bitch, there I said it! Among the many internet labels floating out there, for me, it’s most repulsive one to be associated with.

* Bruce Jenner might be the only Kardhasian clan who has earned my respect. I admire her bravery to be true to herself. Even at her age, especially at this age. I want to show my support by doing #PaintYourNailsForBruce but it feels like cheating since I always paint my nails. Maybe I will try to convince Hulk or Papa Geek to do it. Or maybe I can just paint their pinky while they sleep.

* I have become a podcast addict. I listen to Call Your Girlfriend on Saturday afternoon, Happier with Gretchen Rubin on Thursday on the commute back from work and Psychobabble  Wednesday morning while getting ready to go to the office. Occasionally, I force myself to listen to French for Beginners but je n’aime pas.

I am also featured on two of my favorite Asian blogs, Sole Sisters and Jejak Marina, this month.

So, what’s new with you? Share and tweet to me!

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  • Glad to read you had a fantastic blogging break and good to have your blog to read again. Happy travels to Dubai – looking forward to living the experience with you through your blog

  • Let me say this before anything else – AAAHHH!!!

    Have tons of fun when you pop by over! I totally smiled to myself at the THW part. Don’t forget yummy cupcakes too! Oh, my friend and I would like to thank you for introducing El Camino bracelets to us. It fits her wanderlust bug perfectly. 😉

  • Nilcha

    love this!

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