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The Majestic Candi Borobudur in Yogyakarta

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In 2014 I wrote about wanting to visit Yogyakarta and see Borobudur, and recently I got to cross it off of my list *happy dance* **though it’s 2 years late**.

Candi Borobudur was as majestic as I imagined it would be. It’s by far my favorite “wat” of all the wats I have been to and that includes Angkor Wat.

Candi Borobudur

We woke up at 2.30 AM and left the city at 3.45AM hoping to reach Borobudur to catch the sunrise. Unfortunately, it rained at dawn and there was no chance of beautiful sighting of the morning sun. Oh well.. The gloomy weather gave a rather different atmosphere and I decided to be grateful for it too. After all, I was at Borobudur, observing the amazing historical architecture.

Borobudur is the oldest Buddhist temple in the world which is pretty unique considering only a tiny portion of Indonesian are Buddhist. It’s also one of UNESCO world heritage sites. You know what, I remember it distinctly that our primary school history teacher taught us that it’s one of the 7 Wonders of the World.

Candi Borobudur Stupa

That’s Mount Merapi peeking in the background.

Borobudur Buddha

Do you know that there is a Buddha sitting inside the stupa in Borobudur? Unfortunately, some of the Buddha statues were stolen from the stupas and leaving it to be empty. This fact saddens me, who in their right mind would cause damage to a historical symbol? Brainless people I guess.

Borobudur Buddha Feet

Inside one of these 72 stupas the Buddha statue is sitting with his legs crossed. It’s believed that if you are able to touch his left toe from outside anything you wish for will be granted. Papa Geek told me this when I was young; he also told me never to do it because there might be some insects inside. Oh, my forever sensible dad!

We spent the whole morning there, before packing our gear (rain coats, torch and Miaw) and leaving at 8AM. It was time to explore the city before taking off on the evening flight.

Have you ever visited Borobudur temple? What’s your favorite UNESCO’s world heritage site?

You guys, I planned to write a 4 Things Friday post about Wats of the World today for you, but I decided to focus only on Yogyakarta instead since it’s the theme of the week. I owe you that post, I will write it sometime in the future. Thanks for reading.

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