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Let’s Do This BLOGMAS Thingy

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Foreign Geek Christmas

Hi you guys! Yesterday I found out that there’s this thing going around on the internet called Blogmas. It’s kinda like #BlogEverday challenge, but much better because it’s all about Christmas. I enjoy blogging and Christmas, this is the kind of combination I want to be a part of. Also, I haven’t done my #BlogEveryday month this year, now feels like a perfect timing for it.

I am aware that I am like 13 days late to the game and knowing how lazy I am, I might not even commit the next 12 days, but today I am blowing caution out of the chimney (how’s my Christmas pun? Bad? Yeah, I thought so too) and inviting you to do this better-late-than-never-Blogmas.

Here are some links for ideas to jump start our Blogmas.

Joe’s 50 Blogmas ideas list is pretty interesting. I am going to write some from his list on the next few days.

A girly perspective on Blogmas ideas by Tatjana. I most probably will do the Christmas haul and Christmas nail art (not tutorial though, just to show off, if I get one).

Lucy gives non-basic Blogmas ideas. I am so going to do her “snap the decorations in your local town and share them in a photo only post” idea.

For the fun ideas, including statement red lips, check out Kat’s 25 Blogmas post ideas.

And 100 more for my fellow Aussie blogger, Shannon.

There you go, 255 Blogmas post ideas. So what do you say, shall we do this together? #Blogmas.

This post counts as a Blogmas post because even though I don’t really share a Christmas post, I did mention that I like Christmas. Right?

Ps. A few of you ask me about the Christmas sweater illustration above. Akifune from Fiverr did it for me. Check out her amazing work (my cartoon character is much cuter than the real me) and join the #SweaterParty on Instagram.

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