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Blogmas Day 2: My Favorite Blogmas Posts

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Let’s ignore my half-assed effort to create a blog post worthy featured image as shown above. Today, let’s talk about my favorite Blogmas posts on the internet.

Foreign Geek Chirstmas

Before that, I felt like patting myself on the back for committing to my words yesterday. Wait.. I just did. Well done self. Hey, don’t give me the side eye for feeling proud that I am still doing this Blogmas thingy ever since I knew, which was a couple days ago, that there’s this thing called Blogmas, I have been reading not less than hundred Blogmas posts (told you that I am committed) and I noticed some of them didn’t have Day 2. So yeah, even if I stop after today, I am practically better than them.

Alright, for this today Blogmas post, I am going to share some of favorite Blogmas posts around the worldwideweb. I chose the original and unusual ones (by my standard), I hope you like it as much as I do. Enjoy!

That’s all for today. I hope some of these posts inspire you to write your own. Happy Blogmas & Merry Holidays!

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