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Blogmas Day 6: Blog Business Card

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Today I got an early Christmas gift in the mail. From me for me, or maybe for this blog, I should say. Something I ordered some time ago. A stack of “business” card. Blog business card, because believe me or not, people had asked me for it a few times.

Foreign Geek Name Card

Also, believe me or not, this is not my first blog “business” card. Gosh, I feel so f-ing weird to type the word business, in between blog and card, without air quoting it.

I ordered my first stack from moo.com a couple years ago, when I finally settled into the name Foreign Geek without feverishly changing into another identity as I did every year before that. There was Tr4velGeek, GlobetrottingGeek, Geek Gone Travel (as you can see, I think very geekly of myself). Anyways, back to the first card. It was a 70x28mm mini card with cartoon alligator and duck generic design. I can’t remember why did I choose the design except maybe for my residual liking towards ducks, definitely not a good enough reason to use it as this blog’s “face”. Also, It actually looks more like an index tab sticky note than an actual business card.

Foreign Geek Card

I shared it to Fafa and then to a few more people, until someone pointed out that I DIDN’T PUT MY NAME ON IT. It had my blog name, email address and that’s it. Stupid. Ever since, I have been too embarrassed to share it with people, hence no card.

Until, today!

Foreign Geek Business Card

Behold, this card has my name (technically my nickname, as I don’t want my potential future employers google my name and see this cray cray side of me) social media details and blog logo printed on it. And I printed it locally, so it’s 5 times cheaper and twice the size of the first blog “business” card. I am pretty psyched about it, I am now thinking to get the blog logo printed on a t-shirt or a cap. Which might look like a shameless promotion, but do I care? Nope! I love this blog of mine.

The only thing I could have added was a title, but until now I am not too sure what am I in relation to this blog. Just a blogger? A writer? An amateur travel blogger? A personal journalist level 1? An Occasional blogmas-er? Akh, let me take my time to decide on what to put on the next batch. I am keeping the cards neatly in the box for now, as I plan to give the first one to Fafa.

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How about you? Do you have a blog business card? Would you like to have one?

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