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Blogiversary: Hey, We are TWO Today!

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You guys, I’m back from an epic trip! Just in time for Foreign Geek’s second blogiversary. Wheee..

Foreign Geek 100th

^^ Above picture was taken for FG’s 100th post. For this post I tried to take a celebratory picture using ice cream, because I was home and I had nothing except ice cream or uncooked chicken nuggets. Ice cream melted, I failed. So this picture would do for now, ya?

I started (created?) this blog on 27 August, two years ago, after calling in sick at work. Technically, I wasn’t sick, I was tired. Tired of crunching numbers for another day, so I decided to take a day off and do something I like instead, which was eating cheese while Facebook stalking my frenemies. I finished my cheese in 15 minutes and their lives weren’t that interesting. With time in my hand, I did another thing I always love to do, write. This time on a blog.

I have written blogs before, some with cringeworthy names (i.e. Little Yellow Duck and Ms AK-47), but all were dead after a few posts. Knowing my laziness all too well, i didn’t think much of this blog as well in the beginning, I was just happy I started writing publicly again. Apparently, that has become the reason I kept writing, I am happy when I click the publish button and that I belong to the blogger community. I finally found my tribe and they are filled with assorted geeks who I admire. Once I fall into the grove, blogging is good.

Today, I identify myself as a blogger because it has been incorporated into my life. I think about blogging as much as I think about food. and that’s a lot you guys. evidence: food, food, and food.

Foreign Geek Vision

My 2 years of blogging taught me many things and today I want to share 2 tips with you, which rings true more than ever to me now after taking two weeks break from blogging.

1. Write the draft NOW (especially if you are busy)

Not later, not tomorrow, not after you rescue the cat.

I wanted to write this post since yesterday, but sitting in front of a blank screen in the morning, I couldn’t come up with anything, so I didn’t. I thought I will do after lunch, nope, I went to the bookstore instead. Not until this afternoon, when I was in the shower, I realised writing a post in one sitting is not my style. I need to write a draft first. A messy, headache inducing draft maybe, but still I can write it anywhere at anytime (Evernote, my friends). So when I sit down in front of the laptop to post an article, I don’t need to start from the scratch, I just have to edit the draft, add pictures and click publish.

2. Write EVERYDAY (even if you are busy or on holiday)

We all agree on benefits of taking a blogging break every now and then, but do you know what’s the best thing about taking a writing break for two weeks? Nothing. I missed writing and even though I wrote in my journal every now and then during these two weeks, I still struggled to get back into the blogging routine because I didn’t write everyday. Let’s write something, however short, but not a grocery list, everyday. I believe it will help to keep the momentum going.

It started as a travel journal and I want to thank you every single one of you who is reading this post and my blog. Every like, comment, tweet, and encouraging words makes my heart goes Wheee..!! So yeah, thank you! You make it all worthwhile. I am sending glittery happy vibe to you. Keep reading!

Foreign Geek’s 2 Years Milestones:

Ps. I also want to thank Hulk, the VIP behind the blog and my friends, who all are very supportive, loving and entertaining. It could not be a Foreign Geek without all of you. Mwah!

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  • Happy blog birthday! *pops cupcake confetti*

    • Foreign Geek

      Liz I am always happy to see your comment 😀 Have a fabulous start of the weekend <3 and thank you!

  • Congratulations on your blog anniversary, looking forward to reading many more of your travel posts

    • Foreign Geek

      Hi Dianne, thanks for stopping by and thank you for the wishes <3

  • Yay!! Happy two year blogiversary!

    • Foreign Geek

      Thanks Sara <3

  • Rima Sagala

    happy 2 years, mba! hahaha…

  • Congratulations! I can’t wait to hear more about your recent trip!

  • Tihana Smiljanić

    Happy two years! I’ve been enjoying your travels and adventures and I’m looking forward to the new ones!

    As for the tips, I agree with you and want to write every day, but it mostly ends up with doing nothing for days (maybe choosing photos, editing, but not writing), and then writing several posts at once in 4-5 hours. Apparently I’m productive once I do start… it’d be good if I could just make that shift and start every day 😀

    Wandering Polka Dot

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