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Weekly Wishes #13: Live Blogging from Australia

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Howdy mate! How is your weekly wishes/goals going? Did you manage to tick it off? Tell me tell me!!

I am STILL struggling with mine. GaaAHh!!

I don’t want to get into the details, but I am going to stretch my last last week’s weekly goal and make it a month goal instead. So this week, and for the rest of the month, I am going to focus on blogging more. And this time I am going to write you from Australia! People, I am now at the airport, using their free public computer+wifi+comfy desk, waiting for my red-eye to Sydney. Cue: big grin.

Every year, I would put my dream destination picture on my office computer desktop. It so happened it always made it as my trip of the year. Last year it was sakura flowers and this year it’s the Opera House.

Office Desktop
The dragon and the cute girl are my two office personalities, depending on how is my day going and how many cup of coffee have i had. Generally, the dragon appears more often.

 So live blogging while traveling; for that I need to stay sober a good part of the day, Internet connection, my phone and some alone time. I will do my best to update you what is happening down there. So stay tuned for an un-proof-read blog post in a few days time.

Have you ever live-blogged before? Do you like it?

I did once in Taipei, but not sure whether it’s really considered as live since I wrote it at night while resting at the hotel. Personally, I enjoyed live blogging. It’s nice to talk about travels while you are still giddy by it, the feeling is raw and at its best.

Okay, gtg now, I think someone is calling my name with the speaker.

Take it easy mate <– can’t help it.. MATE !

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  • I’m pretty sure it’s the cute girl travelling and not the dragon. Heh! Bon voyage and have loads of fun!

  • hahaha… i actually typed up a blog post on a plane ride back home from NYC to LAX (it was actually my broke-girl’s guide to NYC). Anyways, I try to live-blog during a vacation. With this upcoming one this week, I rented a portable wi-fi device that works around the country so I can stay online without killing my American data plan services (uh thanks for having this, Switzerland). Not sure if I’m gonna blog while roaming around, but we’ll see.

    oh have fun in Australia.

  • Nilcha

    sending love from Straya, mate!

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