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Blogging Break and Other Stuff

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It’s 1 AM now and I am writing to you from the kitchen table. I wanted to share about my secret obsession, but I can’t. I haven’t even written half of it and I have already been drained. “No more power“, said the brain, so I stopped and I am not happy. I need to take the annual blogging break.

I am not happy about not writing and I am not happy that there are other blog related projects that have been either postponed and overlooked* because I am running with schedule while playing catch up. Or like today, I was supposed to write a travel post, and I only started to write this morning while commuting to work. Gaah.. I don’t like this. I love writing, but writing with deadline stresses me out! And writing after a long day at work? It makes me unhappy.

I want to be prepared. I like the feeling of being prepared. On the contrary, I also want to live spontaneously without falling behind my hobby-cum-commitment to blog. So I decide to write earlier and schedule my posts. If you remember my previous post, I tried to do it before, but I failed, mostly because the meaning of discipline is still foreign to me it. This time, I am thinking of allocating a set time and hours daily to write, either it’s on this blog or my journal, as long as I write. That would be my weekly wishes for the rest of the month.

Still deciding on what time and how long should I clock in, it mus be something doable daily, after all I need to share this hobby with money earning, people loving, Scandal watching and internet stalking Mindy Kaling; aaand for me to start this advance posts habit I need to take a blog break. I remember thinking “Whoa, I could never do that, I love writing too much!”, when Natasha told me she was going to take a blog break last December. Look at me now, sitting on the kitchen with half baked draft (figuratively) and eating my own words (figuratively) while drinking a cup of coffee (not figuratively).

I want to tell you, the good karma earning Foreign Geek reader; there won’t be any more post for this month. I will be back in May with full force.

*Speaking of an overlooked post. I participated in Mug O’ Comfort Swap last month and I received my package earlier this month. My partner is Bernadette of The Bumbling Bookworm, a lawyer and lit geek from Australia (I kept picturing Ally McBeal with Australian accent when I read her posts).


Bernadette sent me travel themed package. I fall in love with the mug instantly, it has passport stamps of different countries printed on it. Thank you Bernadette for putting so much thought into it. I really, really love it. It’s also a nice surprise to get a postcard from the Scatter Love Project. I have been ogling at for some time, it was a joy to receive it in the mail. Book lovers, check out Bernadette’s blog. She writes kick ass posts, my personal favorite is her Super Six Sunday posts. For the rest of the month I’ll be drinking tea/cider/coffee from the awesome mug and preparing my advance posts.


Well, isn’t this a long post for someone who claimed not to able to muster any more brain power?

Before I hibernate for the rest of April, I also want to share that I have been listening to Gala darling’s Love & Sequin Blogging 101 podcast recently and let me tell you I’m empowered+inspired. I have a couple of new ideas to implement including interviewing awesome people who are awesome for being awesome. I also will be clearing half of my closet this month and let go everything that I don’t wear for the past six months, I plan to share the separation anxiety and process with you. There will be another giveaway as well, which I have been meaning to do since January but never got a chance to post it here. Oops!

Okay, now I’m done. See you on May coffee cups, stay subscribed!

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  • Good luck with your break! I hope that it refreshes you and I can’t wait to read your posts when you come back. I love reading your blog 🙂

  • I’m a lurker, but this post really resonated with me so I’ve come out of hiding. The hobbie-cum-commitment term for blogging is very accurate and something I myself have struggled with. After giving it lots of thought I realised two things. The first was that any hobby is likely to feel like a commitment at some point(s) – be it training to run a marathon, or joining a knitting club , there will be days when you don’t want to go for that run, or knit that row (or whatever it is knitters do). Part of taking up that commitment is to struggle through the tough bits. This is where I had my second realisation – I wasn’t writing what or how I enjoyed. I would suggest looking at that first. It might just need little tweaks, or it might require an overhaul, but I think if you find a way to really deliver on what you want it will become easier. I’ve fallen in love with blogging again this year and at present I have about 3 weeks worth of blog post outlines lined up because I’m excited by writing. A break sounds like a great idea! I hope you come back with renewed enthusiasm and motivation.

  • Have a good break! Enjoy them cupcakes and pamper those nails, feast with Hulk and roll around more cupcakes. See you when I see you! xo

  • Beth

    Sometimes a break for a few weeks is exactly what’s needed. Thanks for posting this one- I LOVE that mug. What a great find! It’s so you! Enjoy it, and the Twinings, while you have a break. 🙂
    And thanks for joining us for the swap!

  • Rima Sagala

    take a breaaaaaakkkkk. it’s kinda nice actually. i haven’t been active myself lately. I just don’t feel that inspired anymore. I’m just busy enjoying my life! Trying to be more grounded and enjoy the little things in life. Or maybe because I just turned 30 and have different priorities now… like looking up at life insurance. hahahaha…

  • I so get this and understand this! I hope you are able to feel caught up and inspired with your blogging break! 🙂

  • Don’t feel bad for taking a break! I feel that way at times too and have taken breaks during the year. I usually feel refreshed when I come back. Your comfort pack looks so cute! Enjoy your break!

  • Tia

    That mug is adorable. Don’t worry everyone feels like they need a break sometime, life gets to us every once in a while 🙂

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