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Bloggers are Accountants too

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Happy Monday,

I won’t be posting my usual Weekly Wishes today, nor Travel Tuesday tomorrow, and if you noticed I didn’t post my very own Four Things Friday last week because you guys, I am burned out.

Last week was another hectic work week for the finance team. A colleague said to me, “Hey.. your eyes..” and I thought “Hmm.. this guy is getting a little flirtatious” but hey, I welcome any compliment I get, so I flashed him a smile. He continued “It look a little crazy, you err.. should do something about it”.  What? WHAT??!? My eyes looked crazy and I should do something about it!??!

After smacking his head with calculator comforting him whether he was suggesting me to do a plastic surgery, it turned out that he noticed that I was looking tired every day, and I have eye bags. O.. okay. That’s better than “crazy eyes”, but I can’t do anything about it for now as work will only get busier next week. It’s the reporting time, and I have to squeeze in two weeks work in between because I am taking leave for Korea trip right after that.

Speaking of the trip, I haven’t packed at all! because I don’t have anything to pack. I don’t have winter clothes. I thought that my only coat, that looks very similar to Sherlock Holmes’, was enough. Recently the girls set me straight; I wouldn’t be able to walk around at below zero degree wearing it, they said. Puffy winter coat, earmuff and padded boots; all are on my shopping list, and I only have today to get it all. I am hitting Uniqlo later.

Also, I haven’t pencilled down my itinerary yet, I have written on the post-its and bookmarked here and there the places I want to visit, but I haven’t created my usual itinerary chart and it made me feel unprepared. Ugh.. I plan to do it  tomorrow during lunch time at work.

Lastly, my mama is here. She saw a cheap return flight deal and decided to make a visit, which is good. Great actually, because it means home cooked meals, a hot cup of tea in the evening (brewed in her way which, however much I tried I couldn’t master it), and other motherly love. I am spending to spend what’s left of my free time with her. Going out for coffee, chatting until we fall asleep and bugging her with questions like “Which characters of dad I resemble?” Her answer, “None, you are like me”, “What family gossips did I miss?”; “I will fill you up during lunch” she said. We went for lunch yesterday, and she did. And it was funny and umm.. ugly, but mostly funny.

With all these things going on I don’t have the energy and time to blog (boohoo me.. I know I know). I will be on hiatus for a short time so I can finish the last minutes preparation for the trip, spend some quality time with my mommy and try to work as much as I could and submit the quarterly report before I go, because you guys, bloggers are accountants too.

Ps. No picture for this post because I don’t have anything in my iPhone that expresses this burned out feeling. I contemplated taking a screen shot of the excel sheet I was working on but I don’t want to be accused distributing company’s (maybe) confidential data. I promise to post lots of pictures of Korea later.

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  • That is so awesome that your mom is with you because family can help soooo much when you are feeling run down and KOREA?! Ok, that’s my slow jam so hit me up with anything, LIKE ANYTHING. I’ll help you with places to see, eat, dance, shop, whatever. Where in Korea are you going? Also, yes, all the winter clothes need to be yours because the peninsula DOES NOT PLAY, but also leave room because you can buy soooooo much there and it’s all adorable.

    • Foreign Geek

      HI Crystal, It is so nice of you! I have many questions but the most important one for now is what to do in Jeju during this time? Btw, I took out three sweaters from my luggage after reading your comment 😛 I want no no.. i NEED those adorable stuff.

      • Hmmmm, Jeju is going to take some thought, but please, oh, please tell me that you will go see the Haeyno!! They are group of elderly female divers that are seriously rocking out at 70-80 years of age and the water isn’t exactly warm around Jeju so they are crazy awesome. I always wanted to go see them, but I never made it.
        Also, there are some calderas, caves, and tons of pork and seafood to eat around there, but I don’t know what to do as far as shopping in that area. Are you JUST going to Jeju or anything else?

  • Don’t worry about the packing – shopping in Korea is fab, and it sounds like you need a good excuse 🙂 Take it easy. PS, I’m jealous.
    Claire xx
    somewhere… beyond the sea

  • Whoaa I can feel you! I’m not an accountant but my mom is also in (I think) finance department and at the end of the year she’s SUPER busy and comes home at 1 am and works on the weekends too because of the year-end-reports. But it’s really nice that your mama is there! At least you have someone that takes care of you (a bit). Have fun in Korea!!!

  • Take short breaks for breather. I know how crazy this line can be, I feel you. Great timing that Mama FG is here! Just tahan (pardon the slang HAHA) a little while longer and you’ll be enjoying to the maximum!

  • Rima Sagala

    i feel ya. i actually got SICK after getting back to work the day i got back from Cancun and it was not fun at all. Still recovering for it 🙁 well, just think that: 1. Mom is present, which is like awesome, 2. You’re going to Korea soon which is like super bomb. #jealous. Take vitamins!

  • Pary Moppins

    I hope you get a chance to slow down and rest for a little while to recharge your batteries. 🙂

  • Lora

    I always feel like life gets crazy before you leave on a trip… I am not sure why?! Hope you get some time to relax and recharge!

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