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Want To See Your Old Forgotten Blogs? Also, Blog Name Ideas For You

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Today I am going to share with you some blog name ideas. Feel free to use it if you want to, but first let’s step back a little shall we? I have been quiet in the past week, not because I didn’t have something to write about. I have a list of things I want to babble here, but I couldn’t bring myself to write. I still had no motivation (second week into the new year and I lost my motivation again, definitely not a role model material).

Is this it? Am I done being a blogger in 2015? Apparently not, I was just bored with the blog design (I have been told I can be a drama queen at times). I have had the same design for more than a year and it’s the time to change it. The thing is I couldn’t pay to get it designed professionally so I did it myself, even though I know shit about design. The result? After raising three tickets to the support portal and hours of tweaking, well, not so bad. I still have more design related things to do, which I plan to do at my own pace. Please bear with me until I finish it completely.


While waiting for the support team to reply my stupid inquiries, I browsed through my old blog designs at Web Archive which take snapshots of web pages since it’s created.


2014 doesn’t need much introduction, unless if you start reading my blog from last week. I had a glitter gold phase but I couldn’t do it myself, so I paid for the blog design and made the pink luggage my icon. I was happy with it for the longest time.


Before Foreign Geek, I have had numerous blogs, starting from 2007, ever since I knew there was such thing as a blog. And me being me, I either abandoned it or got bored with the name and change it. I got the idea for the name from a friend who complained about globe-trotting-ism, don’t ask. Globe Trotting Geek 2013 design must be during I-love-myself-so-much too phase because there were four pictures of me up there, greeting the readers.


This was the blog that laid the foundation of what it’s today when I picked up blogging again in 2012, after stopping for sometimes. I love the name, I came up with it all by myself. Unfortunately, someone else had the same idea, earlier than me, so I had to settle with Tr4vel Geek. After sometimes I got tired of saying “travel with number four instead of the letter a” to people. I have stuck with only alpabeths since then, I am no Prince.

Whelp, that must be boring for you. Anyways, when I changed the blog name to ForeignGeek I promised myself not to change the name of it for at least a couple of years with the hope of never wanting to change it ever. Instead, I started keeping a list of blog name ideas. They are: Ninja in Glitters // Crazy4culture // Lighter Luggage // Glamour Witch Project // Queen Geek // Nomadic Ninja // Culture Ninja. Yes, I have a thing for ninjas. I will be honored if you use it as your blog name. And if you do, please let me know so I can give you a visit.

If you need more blog name inspirations, check this out.

What is the inspiration behind your latest blog design? Have you ever thought of changing your blog name?

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  • I will most definitely miss the glitter!

    I had no idea you changed the name this often! I mean, once a year is probably not that often, but when you put it in perspective… anyway, I came up with mine pretty randomly – I’ve loved polka dot pattern since forever and when I figured I’d be writing about travels, it seemed appropriate. And I find it kinda cute. As for the design, it gave me nightmares because I’m such an ignorant when it comes to that. Found a crew that sells cheap designs the other day and well, that was it.

    I like it how you put your bucket list on the top btw! I’ve never seen it before here and I love it! Keeping my fingers crossed for crossing hell out of it in 2015 and beyond 🙂

    Wandering Polka Dot

    • Foreign Geek

      Yeah, I agree with you. I changed it way too often. I plan to stick with this one though. I LOVE your blog name! And I kinda figured why as well (my BFF loves polkadots pattern, she always try to incorporate in her daily life). Thanks Tihana and I am always open for suggestions 🙂

  • I love your Travel Geek design! So cool!
    Yeah, I guess I need to look into updating mine… It just takes so much time and effort and money… ARGH

  • I’ve only just stumbled across your blog so can’t compare but I think it looks great now! I mucked about with my blog design forever, then ended up going back to the first one I ever loaded – typical!

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